Watch The Final Programme Movie Online

Published 07 31, 2015

Watch The Final Programme Movie Online


Year : 1973

Release date : 12 January 2015

Country: UK

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller,

Director : Robert Fuest,

Writers: Michael Moorcock, Robert Fuest,

Stars: Jon Finch, Jenny Runacre, Sterling Hayden, Harry Andrews, Hugh Griffith,

Time: 81 min.

Quality: DVDRip/BDRip

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The Final Programme Movie Online

The story opens in Lapland at the funeral pyre of Jerry Cornelius's father, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who has developed the "Final Programme"—a design for a perfect, self-replicating human being. Jerry Cornelius, playboy physicist and dashing secret agent, is in attendance. Afterwards he is questioned by Dr Smiles, who wants to retrieve a microfilm which he knows is in the Cornelius family home in England. Cornelius, a conspicuous counter-culture dandy with addictions to chocolate biscuits and alcohol, threatens to blow up the family house. Flashbacks to Jerry's conversations with Professor Hira about the Kali Yuga inform the narrative, providing a philosophical background of the world in its final days. In various scenes, we learn that the Vatican no longer exists, that Amsterdam has been razed to ash, and we see Trafalgar Square in a post-apocalyptic scenario of wrecked cars piled atop one another. Back in the UK, a group of scientists led by Dr. Smiles and the formidable Miss Brunner (who consumes her lovers) try to persuade Cornelius to locate the microfilm containing his father's Final Programme. Jerry learns from his family servant that his sister Catherine has been imprisoned by his evil, drug-addicted brother, Frank; Frank has Catherine held captive in their family home, and has addicted her to drugs for unspecified reasons. Jerry, whose relationship with Catherine is implied to be incestuous, instructs his servant John to smuggle Catherine to the lodge on the property's grounds; he will "take care of Frank". He consults Major Wrongway Lindbergh, who supplies him with a high-powered jet, and his old friend "Shades" who can supply him with napalm. The attack on the old house commences. The house is protected by a sound system which induces pseudo-epilepsy, but Jerry and the others get inside unharmed. They fight their way past many traps including poison gas and a lethal chessboard. Jerry finds John fatally wounded by Frank. John confesses before dying that Catherine has not been freed and that Frank has returned her to the bedroom. Jerry finds and confronts Frank, and a needlegun fight ensues. In the confusion, Catherine is accidentally killed by Jerry. Jerry is wounded, and Frank falls into the hands of Miss Brunner. She forces him to open the vaults, but he outsmarts her and escapes. After Jerry recuperates from the poison of Frank's needles, he meets with Miss Brunner. She introduces him to her new lover, Jenny. They plot to recapture Frank. Jenny is induced to play piano naked in Jerry's flat, where she is consumed by Miss Brunner. Frank has set up a meeting to sell the microfilm to Baxter (Patrick Magee); Jerry and Miss Brunner track them down. Miss Brunner consumes Baxter. Another fight with Frank ensues, and Frank is killed. Miss Brunner and Jerry return to Lapland by hot-air balloon with the recovered microfilm.

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    2004, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Primer is a 2004 American science fiction drama film about the accidental discovery of a means of time travel. The film was written, directed, and produced by Shane Carruth. Primer is of note for its extremely low budget (completed for $7,000), experimental plot structure, philosophical implications, and complex technical dialogue, which Carruth, a college graduate with a degree in mathematics and a former engineer, chose not to simplify for the sake of the audience.The film collected the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, before securing a limited release in the United States, and has since gained a cult following. Four engineers—Aaron, Abe, Robert, and Phillip—who work for a large corporation during the day, run a side business from Aaron's garage at night, building and selling JTAG cards. With the proceeds, they fund research for their own inventions. After arguing over the project that the group should tackle next, Aaron and Abe independently pursue work on technology intended to reduce the weight of an object. Although the device seems to work as planned, it has a side effect: an object left in the device experiences about 1300 times the amount of time the device was activated for. Abe reasons that objects inside the box repeatedly travel from the time the box was turned on to the time it was turned off while the field is active. Four friends/fledgling entrepreneurs, knowing that there's something bigger and more innovative than the different error-checking devices they've built, wrestle over their new invention.
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    2008, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Anaconda 3: Offspring (Also known simply as Anaconda 3) is a 2008 made-for-television horror film. A sequel to Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, it is the third film in the "Anaconda" series. Produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, the film premiered on Sci Fi Channel on July 26, 2008. It was released on DVD on October 21, 2008 in the U.S. in the U.K. on October 20, 2008. It stars David Hasselhoff, Crystal Allen, Anthony Green, and John Rhys-Davies.A mercenary-for-hire accepts a mission from a billionaire to capture a dangerous snake that could possibly help cure a terminal illness. A very large female anaconda captured from the Amazon River basin and another larger and smarter male anaconda are being held in a scientific lab owned Wexel Hall for experimentation. The research project is led by Dr Amanda Hayes (Crystal Allen) and funded by Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies), a well-known industrialist. While visiting the facility, Murdoch agitates the male anaconda with a large flashlight, and he is gassed to calm him down. However, as Murdoch, his assistant Pinkus (Ryan McCluskey), and a scientist leave, the anaconda breaks through his enclosure's wall. As it escapes, it kills many of the people working in the lab,Cupboard escapes the destruction. In looking through the facility, Amanda and another researcher realize that the second (Queen) anaconda has also escaped. Murdoch calls in a team of animal hunters, led by Hammett (David Hasselhoff), to capture both snakes. Amanda and Pinkus go with them. At a small farm in the middle of the woods, the owner is eaten alive by one of the snakes. The hunting party arrives later and begin formulating a plan of attack. During the first confrontation with the snake, two of the party are killed: Captain Gronzy is stabbed by the genetically altered Anaconda's very sharp-knifed tail and Dragosh loses his head. Hammett arrives and gives the team a lecture on how to kill the snake. As the group splits up, Amanda heads off in a car with two other team members, Victor (Toma Danilă) and Sofia (Mihaela Elena Oros). During the next confrontation with the snake, a car crash results, the Anaconda spat in Victor's face burning it, injuring Sofia with a broken leg and leaving Amanda in the car. As Amanda is about to help her, the snake reappears and eats Sofia. Amanda is rescued by Hammett and both of them escape.
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    2011, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Limitless is a 2011 American thriller film directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn.With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), an author suffering from writer's block, living in New York, is stressed by an approaching deadline. His girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish), frustrated with his lack of progress and financial dependence, breaks up with him. Later, Eddie meets Vernon Gant (Johnny Whitworth), the estranged brother of Eddie's ex-wife, Melissa. Vernon, involved with a pharmaceutical company, gives Eddie a nootropic drug, NZT-48. After taking the pill, Eddie finds himself able to learn much faster and recall memories from his distant past, with the only apparent side effect being a change in the color of Eddie's irises while on the drug – his eyes becoming an intense shade of electric blue. He uses this ability to finish ninety pages of his book. The next day, the effects having worn off, he seeks out Vernon in an attempt to get more. While Eddie is running an errand, Vernon is killed. Eddie returns, calls the police and then discovers Vernon's NZT stash just before they arrive. Using the new miracle drug, Eddie quickly completes his book.Testing his new ability on the stock market, Eddie makes large returns on small investments. Realizing he requires more capital, he borrows one hundred thousand dollars from a Russian loan shark, Gennady (Andrew Howard), and successfully makes a return of two million dollars. He increases his NZT dosage and rekindles his relationship with Lindy.
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    2012, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Chronicle is a 2012 American science fiction thriller film directed by Josh Trank in his directorial debut, and written by Max Landis based on a story by both. It follows three Seattle high school seniors, bullied Andrew (Dane DeHaan), his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and more popular Steve (Michael B. Jordan), who form a bond after gaining telekinetic abilities from an unknown object. They first use their abilities for mischief and personal gain until Andrew turns to darker purposes. The film is visually presented as found footage filmed from the perspective of various video recording devices. It primarily uses Andrew's hand-held camcorder to document the events of his life. Released in the United Kingdom and Ireland on February 1, 2012, and in the United States on February 3, 2012, it received a positive critical response and grossed $126 million worldwide.Andrew's cousin Matt invites him to a party to help him meet people, but Andrew's filming negatively attracts an attendee and he leaves despondent. He is persuaded by popular student Steve to record something strange that he and Matt have found in the woods. The trio enters a hole in the ground, where they hear a loud strange noise and discover a large glowing blue crystalline object which turns red. They are painfully stricken by nosebleeds and the camera cuts out. Weeks later, Andrew, Matt, and Steve record themselves, as they display telekinetic abilities, able to move objects with their minds, but bleeding from their noses when they overexert themselves. They develop a close friendship and begin employing their abilities to play pranks, but when Andrew accidentally pushes a rude motorist off the road and into a river, Matt insists that they restrict the use of their powers, particularly against living creatures. Whilst attending a party, three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.
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    2012, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Outpost: Black Sun is a 2012 British horror film, directed by Steve Barker and written by Rae Brunton and Steve Barker. It is a sequel to the original Outpost (film) directed in 2008 by Barker.1945, and World War II is drawing to a close. A German scientist, Klausener, is working on a terrifying technology with the aim of creating an immortal Nazi army. The film begins in the present day, with a NATO task force deployed to Eastern Europe, where a sinister enemy appears to be killing everything in its path. Helena, a nazi-hunter on the trail of Klausener, accepts that they are facing a horde of Nazi Storm-Troopers, a zombie army. With the help of Wallace, who's been chasing Nazis and their secrets for many years, the two investigators team up with Special Forces to venture behind enemy lines. Their goal is to identify the source of the evil zombie army and prevent the apparently inevitable rise of the 4th Reich.The year is 1945, the closing stages of WW2, and a German scientist by the name of Klausener is working...
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    2009, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mr. Nobody is a 2009 science fiction drama film. It was written and directed by Jaco Van Dormael, produced by Philippe Godeau, and starred Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger, Linh Dan Pham, Rhys Ifans,Natasha Little, Toby Regbo and Juno Temple. The film tells the life story of Nemo Nobody, a 118 year-old man who is the last mortal on Earth after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality. Nemo, memory fading, refers to his three main loves and to his parents' divorce and subsequent hardships endured at three critical junctions in his life: at age nine, fifteen, and thirty-four. Alternate life paths branching out from each of those critical junctions are examined. The speculative narrative often changes course with the flick of a different possible decision at each of those ages. The film uses nonlinear narrative and the many-worlds interpretationstyle. Mr. Nobody had its world premiere at the 66th Venice International Film Festival where it received the Golden Osella and the Biografilm Lancia Award. Critical response was generally strong and the film was nominated for seven Magritte Awards, winning six, including Best Film and Best Director for Van Dormael. The film was mostly funded through European financiers and was released in Belgium on 13 January 2010. Since its original release, Mr. Nobody has become a cult film, noted for its philosophy and cinematography, personal characters and Pierre Van Dormael's soundtrack.A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn't choose, anything is possible.
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    Watch Looper Movie Online
    2012, Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Looper is a 2012 science fiction action thriller film written and directed by Rian Johnson and starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt. In the film, time travel is invented by the year 2074 (although it is immediately outlawed) and is used by criminal organizations to send those they want killed into the past where they are killed by "loopers", assassins paid with silver bars strapped to their targets. Joe, a looper, encounters himself when his older self is sent back in time to be killed.An American-Chinese co-production, Looper was selected as the opening film of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Since its release, it has been critically acclaimed, with much of the praise going to its acting, originality, and action sequences. It was released in Australia on September 27, 2012,and in the US and the UK on September 28, 2012 by TriStar Pictures and FilmDistrict in the US, and Entertainment One in the UK.In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent into the past, where a hired gun awaits - someone like Joe - who one day learns the mob wants to 'close the loop' by sending back Joe's future self for assassination.In 2044, 25-year-old Joe works for a Kansas City crime syndicate as a "looper." Time travel was invented in 2074, but was immediately outlawed. Managed by a man sent from the future named Abe, loopers kill and dispose of victims sent back in time and are paid with bars of silver strapped to the target, whose face is hidden by a bag. When a looper is retired, his future self is sent back to 2044 as a target for his younger self, but with gold bars as a payment. This event is referred to as "closing the loop"; failing to close the loop is punishable by execution.
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    2012,USA,China, Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
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    Watch The Rift Movie Online
    2012, Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller, The Rift is a 2012 science fiction thriller short film directed by Robert Kouba and written by Robert Kouba, Tasha Lowe-Newsome, Yuell Newsome, and Jonathan Peace. In 1982 a Russian physicist discovered something extraordinary was behind the strange radar anomalies he was recording. Something dark, which will eventually alter the path of mankind. Before he could tell anyone, he mysteriously vanished. Many years later budding physics student Dean Hollister and his discredited physics teacher have become obsessed with the same mystery. What had been a rare phenomenon is suddenly happening all over the world. The day it happens is a regular night shift for Dean at his mother’s diner. Black rifts appear in the sky. Behind those rifts, something is moving. It’s watching us. After radar anomalies start appearing all over the world, strange rifts are starting to form in the sky. There is something hiding behind these rifts. It's moving.
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    2012,USA,Switzerland, Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
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    Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Online
    2013, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Star Trek Into Darkness is a 2013 American science fiction action film. It is the twelfth installment in the Star Trek film franchise and the sequel to 2009's Star Trek and the second in the reboot series. The film was directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof based on the series of the same name created by Gene Roddenberry. Lindelof, Orci, Kurtzman, and Abrams are also producers, with Bryan Burk. Chris Pine reprises his role as Captain James T. Kirk, with Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, Leonard Nimoy, Anton Yelchin, and Bruce Greenwood reprising their roles from the previous film. Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller, and Alice Eve round out the film's principal cast.The plot of Into Darkness takes place one year after the previous installment, with Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise sent to the Klingon homeworld seeking former Starfleet member-turned-terrorist John Harrison. After the release of Star Trek, Abrams, Burk, Lindelof, Kurtzman, and Orci agreed to produce its sequel.Filming began in January 2012. Into Darkness '​s visual effects were primarily created by Industrial Light & Magic.The film was converted to 3D in post-production. Star Trek Into Darkness premiered at Event Cinemas in Sydney, Australia, on April 23, 2013,and was released on May 9 in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Peru,with other countries following. The film was released on May 16 in the United States and Canada, opening at IMAX cinemas a day earlier.Into Darkness was a critical success, and its gross earnings of over $467 million worldwide made it the highest-grossing entry in the Star Trek franchise After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction.
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    2013,USA, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,
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    Watch Debug Movie Online
    2014, Horror, Sci-Fi, Debug is a 2014 Canadian science fiction horror film written and directed by David Hewlett. It stars Jeananne Goossen, Adrian Holmes, Adam Butcher, Kjartan Hewitt, Sidney Leeder, and Jaydn Wong as computer programmers who must deal with a hostile artificial intelligence on an interstellar spaceship. It was released on 3 November 2014 in the UK.Six young computer hackers sent to work on a derelict space freighter, are forced to match wits with a vengeful artificial intelligence that would kill to be human. | Writer-director Hewlett was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which he saw as a child. Hewlett said that he wanted to make a film from the point of view of HAL 9000, the antagonist of that story. Hewlett intentionally cast Momoa as the ship's AI against type. Momoa wanted to do a project different than his traditional roles, and Hewlett was impressed with Momoa's creativity and range, the two men having previously worked together on the sci-fi series, Stargate Atlantis. Although there were concerns about the AI's name, Iam, Hewlett settled the disputes by stating that names are inherently subjective. Production took place at Pinewood Toronto Studios,and was scheduled to run from 14 February to 8 March. Producer Steve Hoban, who previously collaborated with Hewlett on Vincenzo Natali's films, described it as "Final Destination meets Cube". In September 2014, Shock Till You Drop reported that it had completed production and was awaiting distribution.
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    2014,Canada, Horror, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch SnakeHead Swamp Movie Online
    Watch SnakeHead Swamp Movie Online
    2014, Sci-Fi, A small town, desperate to recover from hard economic times, is under threat when voracious Snakehead fish mutate and survive previous lake chemical poisonings. The fish transform from pests to predators when human growth hormones are dumped into the local lake in the hopes of reviving the local fishing industry. Thriving on the hormones, the Snakehead fish grow to monstrous proportions, devouring everything within reach. Capable of moving and eating on land, they are forced to leave the now barren lake in a desperate search for food - animal, vegetable or human. Terror strikes when a swarm of Snakehead fish invade the Louisiana swamp land. |
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    2014,USA, Sci-Fi,
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    Watch Jurassic Shark Movie Online
    2012, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Attack of the Jurassic Shark (aka Jurassic Shark) is an 2012 Canadian independent action horror film project directed by Brett Kelly.A megalodon (prehistoric shark) is accidentally awakened by an oil company's explorations, trapping a group of art thieves and a group of young female college students on an abandoned island in the middle of a lake. The two groups band together to fight off the monster's attacks and fall victim to the shark one by one until only two of the girls are left, who manage to defeat the shark. However, another shark is revealed to be alive as it kills two fisherman who are nearbyWhen an oil company unwittingly unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer...
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    2012,Canada, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Movie Online
    Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Movie Online
    2004, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a 2004 American romantic science-fiction comedy-drama film about an estranged couple who have each other erased from their memories, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry. The film uses elements of science fiction, psychological thriller, and a nonlinear narrative to explore the nature of memory and romantic love. motionally withdrawn Joel Barish and unrestrained free spirit Clementine Kruczynski strike up a relationship on a Long Island Rail Road train from Montauk, New York. They are almost immediately drawn to each other despite their radically different personalities. Although they do not realize it at the time, Joel and Clementine are in fact former lovers, now separated after having spent two years together. After a fight, Clementine hired the New York City firm Lacuna, Inc. to erase all her memories of their relationship. Upon discovering this, Joel is devastated and decides to undergo the procedure himself, a process that takes place while he sleeps. It opened in North America on March 19, 2004, and grossed over $70 million worldwide. Kaufman and Gondry wrote the story with Pierre Bismuth. The ensemble cast includes Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood, Tom Wilkinson, Jane Adams, and David Cross. The film opened to high acclaim from film critics, with much praise centering around its acting and writing. It won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and has a cult following. Winslet also received anAcademy Award nomination for Best Actress. When their relationship turns sour, a couple undergoes a procedure to have each other erased from their memories. But it is only through the process of loss that they discover what they had to begin with.
    789 2,258
    2004,USA, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Melancholia Movie Online
    Watch Melancholia Movie Online
    2011, Drama, Sci-Fi, Melancholia is a 2011 Danish art film written and directed by Lars von Trier, starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgård, Cameron Spurr, and Kiefer Sutherland. The narrative revolves around two sisters during and shortly after one's wedding, while an approaching rogue planet is about to collide with Earth. The film prominently features music from the prelude to Richard Wagner's opera Tristan und Isolde (1857–59). Von Trier's initial inspiration for the film came from a depressive episode he suffered and the insight that depressed people remain peaceful in catastrophic events. The film is a Danish production by Zentropa, with international co-producers in Sweden, France, and Germany. Filming took place in Sweden. The film premiered 18 May 2011 at the 64th Cannes Film Festival. Dunst received the festival's Best Actress Award for her performance. Melancholia is the second entry in von Trier's unofficially titled "Depression Trilogy", having been preceded by Antichrist and followed by Nymphomaniac. Two sisters find their already strained relationship challenged as a mysterious new planet threatens to collide with Earth.
    786 2,258
    2011,Denmark,Sweden,France,Germany, Drama, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Project Almanac Movie Online
    Watch Project Almanac Movie Online
    2014, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Project Almanac Movie Online Project AlmanacAspiring inventor David Raskin (Jonny Weston) is admitted into MIT, but is unable to afford its tuition. Upon learning his mother, Kathy Raskin (Amy Landecker), is planning to sell the house, David enlists his sister Christina (Virginia Gardner) and his friends Adam Le (Allen Evangelista) and Quinn Goldberg (Sam Lerner) to go through the belongings of his father, Ben Raskin (Gary Weeks), an inventor who died in a car crash on David's 7th birthday, in the hope of finding something that David can use to get a scholarship. David ends up finding an old camera with a video recording of his birthday, in which he briefly spots his 17-year-old self in a reflection. The four later find the blueprints of a temporal relocation device that Ben was developing for the United States military, and use the available resources to build a functional time machine, including hydrogen canisters stolen from their school. David, Christina, Adam and Quinn later use the battery from the car of David's longtime crush, Jessie Pierce (Sofia Black DElia), who is attending a party in the neighborhood, to charge up the machine, and successfully send a toy car back in time. They end up being caught by Jessie and recruit her to their experiment, which they nickname Project Almanac. (formerly titled Cinema One, Almanac, and Welcome to Yesterday) is a 2015 American found footage science fiction thriller film directed by Dean Israelite and written by Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. Filmed in 2013 and originally planned for an early 2014 release, the release date was later moved to January 30, 2015.
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    2014,USA, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
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    Watch Project Arbiter Movie Online
    2013, Short, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, A soldier with a mechanical suit must defeat Nazis before they spread a virus. |
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    2013,USA, Short, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller,