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  • Watch Mail Order Bride Movie Online
    Watch Mail Order Bride Movie Online
    2008, Western, Mail Order Bride.Diana McQueen notorious con-woman has had enough. She leaves town and her boss, Tom Rourke, behind. She takes the place of her dying friend, who was to become some man's mail-order bride. Can she pull off this last con?
    164 2,258
    2008,USA,Canada, Western,
  • Watch House Guest Movie Online
    Watch House Guest Movie Online
    2013, Horror, Thriller, House Guest Movie Online A vicious murderer is on the loose and the entire city is on edge. It's the perfect evening for Rob Murphy (Alex Vincent Star of Child's Play 1 & 2 and the Curse Of Chucky) and Jen Murphy (Maylin Morera) to lock the doors and have a night at home with some friends. But what happens if one of the guests you've invited, is in fact the brutal killer that the city is fearing? House Guest is a tense thriller that locks you inside the doors of the Murphy home, where new relationships are formed, a Father and Son bond is tested, and a Brother and Sister struggle to stay alive.
    175 2,258
    2013,USA,Canada, Horror, Thriller,
  • Watch Houseguest Movie Online
    Watch Houseguest Movie Online
    1995, Comedy, Houseguest Movie Online Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) is an inner-city Pittsburgh native; raised in an orphanage, has delusions of grandeur, and talks about getting rich and driving a Porsche one day. 25 years later, he drives a rusted MG Midget and all his ambitions revolve around a series of ill-fated get-rich-quick schemes. A handshake loan of $5,000 from the mob grows to $50,000 through interest and penalties, resulting in his trying to skip town at Pittsburgh International Airport. He overhears a conversation between lawyer Gary Young (Hartman) and his children, who are waiting to pick up his childhood friend, Derek Bond, who is now a successful, straight-laced and vegetarian dentist. Upon hearing him say that he hasn't seen Bond in 25 years and doesn't know what he looks like, Franklin gives his baseball cap to the real Bond to throw off the two dim-witted mobsters chasing him and poses as Bond to the Youngs, who take him to their posh home in Sewickley. Although he knows nothing about dentistry, Franklin still manages to convince those around him that he is in fact Derek Bond, and his affable personality makes him popular with Young's otherwise stuffy and rich neighbors and associates. Young has little time for his children and his wife's (Kim Greist) new frozen yogurt business, which gradually builds a gap between them, largely due to the demands of his bigoted, arrogant boss (Mason Adams) at the law firm where he works; this leads to Franklin developing a bond with Young's Goth daughter, helping her stand up to her cheating boyfriend, and his young son, who has aspirations of playing pro basketball. Young eventually stands up to his boss with Franklin's support and quits the firm to be with his family. Meanwhile, the mob thugs threaten Franklin's best friend, Larry (Stan Shaw), into revealing his whereabouts, and Franklin asks him to pick him up. After he does so reluctantly, he sparks an argument with him over his lack of appreciation of friendship, causing him to realize that Young has been his friend all along. He returns to the Youngs only to find that the mobsters have taken them hostage, and his true identity is revealed when the real Derek Bond finally shows up. After the mobsters take Franklin away, he manages to escape, losing them in a charity marathon, where he meets up with Young, who graciously decides to help him despite his charade, in return for helping bring his family closer together. Franklin reveals that he has an instant lottery ticket he purchased the previous day for a chance at a $1,000,000 cash prize spin on a Saturday night TV show, which he reluctantly gives up to the mobsters in exchange for the forgiveness of his debt. The film fast forwards to wintertime, Franklin parallel parks a shiny new red Porsche with Larry in tow, in front of the Youngs' house, appearing for a promotional party for his new best-seller book "Handbook for Houseguests", based on his experiences with them. The partygoers gather in front of the TV to watch the mobsters spin the wheel for the jackpot. It initially lands on the million dollar jackpot, but then falls and lands on $5000, much to the mafia don's dismay and Franklin's delight.
    191 2,258
    1995,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch A Kind of Wonderful Thing Movie Online
    Watch A Kind of Wonderful Thing Movie Online
    2012, Comedy, Drama, Romance A Kind of Wonderful Thing Movie Online The film is set against the strict social hierarchy of an American public high school. The tomboyish Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) has always considered working class misfit Keith Nelson (Eric Stoltz) her best friend. But when Keith asks out the most popular girl in school, Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), Watts realizes she feels something much deeper for him. Meanwhile, Hardy Jenns (Craig Sheffer), Amanda's Corvette-driving spoiled ex-boyfriend from the rich section of town, plans to cause trouble for Keith; although he has no real feelings for Amanda, he feels humiliated at losing her to a social inferior. However, Keith cunningly manages things to his own and Amanda's advantage and gives Hardy his well-deserved comeuppance by simply telling him that by using his money to treat people like possessions and toys he will never know true happiness or have anyone in his life that will appreciate him for more than just his money and good looks.
    157 2,258
    2012,Canada, Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Watch Hope Springs Movie Online
    Watch Hope Springs Movie Online
    2003, Comedy, Romance, Hope Springs.Colin's a sad-eyed British artist holed up in a rundown hotel in small-town Vermont after being dumped by his fiancée. The hotel owner plays matchmaker and introduces him to a local girl. Romance ensues, though Colin's ex may be looking to reunite.
    0 2,258
    2003,UK,USA, Comedy, Romance,
  • Watch Some Kind of Wonderful Movie Online
    Watch Some Kind of Wonderful Movie Online
    1987, Drama, Romance, Some Kind of Wonderful Movie Online The film is set against the strict social hierarchy of an American public high school. The tomboyish Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) has always considered working class misfit Keith Nelson (Eric Stoltz) her best friend. But when Keith asks out the most popular girl in school, Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), Watts realizes she feels something much deeper for him. Meanwhile, Hardy Jenns (Craig Sheffer), Amanda's Corvette-driving spoiled ex-boyfriend from the rich section of town, plans to cause trouble for Keith; although he has no real feelings for Amanda, he feels humiliated at losing her to a social inferior. However, Keith cunningly manages things to his own and Amanda's advantage and gives Hardy his well-deserved comeuppance by simply telling him that by using his money to treat people like possessions and toys he will never know true happiness or have anyone in his life that will appreciate him for more than just his money and good looks.
    178 2,258
    1987,USA, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch Young People Fucking Movie Online
    Watch Young People Fucking Movie Online
    2007, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Young People Fucking Movie Online The film intertwines the story of four different couples and one threesome over the course of one sexual encounter, with specific chapters for each one: prelude, foreplay, sex, interlude, orgasm and afterglow. Each couple represents a specific archetype. The first out of five is called The Best Friends because the characters, Matt and Kristen, decide to become friends with benefits. They discover romantic feelings for each other. The second stereotype being The Couple. Andrew and Abby, a long-time couple, are having trouble trying to put spice back into their lovelife and try something "new". The third stereotype is labeled The Exes. In it, Mia and Eric meet up for a one-off sexual encounter after having broken up some time back. In the fourth stereotype, The First Date, Jamie brings her womanizing date Ken back to her apartment.
    266 2,258
    2007,Canada, Comedy, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch Bull Durham Movie Online
    Watch Bull Durham Movie Online
    1988, Comedy, Romance, Sport, Bull Durham Movie Online "Crash" Davis (Costner), a veteran of 12 years in minor league baseball, is sent down to the single-A (advanced) Durham Bulls for a specific purpose: to educate hotshot rookie pitcher Ebby LaLoosh (Robbins, playing a character loosely based on Steve Dalkowski) about becoming a major-league talent, and to control Ebby's haphazard pitching. Crash immediately begins calling Ebby by the degrading nickname of "Meat", and they get off to a rocky start. Thrown into the mix is Annie (Sarandon), a lifelong spiritual seeker who has latched onto the "Church of Baseball" and has, every year, chosen one player on the Bulls to be her lover and student. Annie flirts with Crash and Ebby, but Crash walks out, saying he's too much a veteran to "try out" for anything. Before he leaves, Crash further sparks Annie's interest with a memorable speech listing the things he "believes in", ending with "I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days... Good night". Despite some animosity between them, Annie and Crash work, in their own ways, to shape Ebby into a big-league pitcher. Annie plays mild bondage games, reads poetry to him, and gets him to think in different ways (and gives him the nickname "Nuke"). Crash forces Nuke to learn "not to think" by letting the catcher make the pitching calls (memorably at two points telling the batters what pitch is coming after Nuke rejects his calls), and lectures him about the pressure of facing major league hitters who can hit his "heat" (fastballs). Crash also talks about the pleasure of life in "The Show" (Major League Baseball), which he briefly lived for "the 21 greatest days of my life" and to which he has tried for years to return. Meanwhile, as Nuke matures, the relationship between Annie and Crash grows, until it becomes obvious that the two of them are a more appropriate match, except for the fact that Annie and Nuke are currently a couple. After a rough start, Nuke becomes a dominant pitcher by mid-season. By the end of the movie, Nuke is called up to the majors and the Bulls, now having no use for his mentor, release Crash. This incites jealous anger in Crash, who is frustrated by Nuke's failure to recognize all the talent he was blessed with. Nuke leaves for the big leagues, Annie ends their relationship, and Crash overcomes his jealousy to leave Nuke with some final words of advice.
    189 2,258
    1988,USA, Comedy, Romance, Sport,
  • Watch Sitting Bull Movie Online
    Watch Sitting Bull Movie Online
    1954, Western, Sitting Bull Movie Online Major Robert Parrish of the 7th Cavalry is considered by some to be his own worst enemy because he's not a "team player". Formerly one of the youngest Colonels in the Union Army during the American Civil War, he is now a company commander under Lt. Colonel (formerly Brevet Major General during the Civil War) George Armstrong Custer. His fiancée Kathy, daughter of Parrish's commanding general, breaks off their engagement because he has not risen in rank. Parrish gains no friends amongst the civilian community when he chastises them and threatens to "break heads" when they violate Sioux lands. Custer and Parrish's exasperated General and once prospective father-in-law reassigns Parrish and his company to the Bureau of Indian Affairs where Parrish is outraged at the treatment of the Indians and refuses to carry out the orders of the Indian Agent to shoot his escaping charges. Parrish is court martialed and visits his former commanding general--now President of the United States--Ulysses S. Grant--who demotes him to Captain. Parrish convinces the President to come to the Western frontier to meet Sitting Bull and prevent a war. Back in the West, now Captain Parrish meets Kathy who has announced her engagement with Charles Wentworth, a former major and now a war correspondent. Using captured Indians, including Sam, a former slave now a Sioux, Parrish meets with Sitting Bull who agrees to meet the President in a secret meeting. Further conflicts with the Sioux lead Custer to lead his Regiment out assigning Parrish to guard supplies. Following the Battle of the Little Bighorn that eliminates Custer, most of his men, and his romantic rival Wentworth, Parrish tries to befriend Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. As Parrish knows the US Army's plan of attack, he leads the Sioux to safety in the North. Parrish is court-martialed again, stripped of his rank, and sentenced to death by firing squad for treason.
    190 2,258
    1954,Mexico,USA, Western,
  • Watch Bullish Movie Online
    Watch Bullish Movie Online
    2013, Comedy, Bullish Movie Online A group of Berkeley students make it rich in the stock market and become the youngest landlords in the city of Berkeley.
    170 2,258
    2013,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Bullies Movie Online
    Watch Bullies Movie Online
    1986, Action, Thriller, Drama, Bullies Movie Online The peaceful Morris family moves to a small town and buy the town grocery store, only to run into the Cullens, a family that's been bullying the townspeople for years, and they begin to torment the Norris every chance they get. Matt Norris (Jonathan Crombie) begins seeing a girl named Becky (Olivia d'Abo), whose last name is unfortunately Cullen. In this Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship, Matt and Becky have to keep their relationship a secret, but when the feuding families find out, harassment is elevated to vicious assault.
    215 2,258
    1986,Canada, Action, Thriller, Drama,
  • Watch Passenger 57 Movie Online
    Watch Passenger 57 Movie Online
    1992, Action, Crime, Thriller, Passenger 57 Movie Online International psychopath terrorist Charles Rane (Bruce Payne), known as "The Rane of Terror", is caught by the FBI and local authorities just as he is about to receive plastic surgery to alter his features. The FBI make plans to return Rane to Los Angeles aboard a passenger aircraft for him to stand trial. John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) is a former police officer haunted by the death of his wife in a convenience store robbery, and has taken to training flight attendants in self-defense, including Marti Slayton (Alex Datcher). After one class, Cutter is approached by an old friend, Sly Delvecchio (Tom Sizemore), who offers Cutter the vice-presidency of a new anti-terrorism unit for his company, Atlantic International Airlines. Cutter is reluctant, but Delvecchio and the company's president, Stuart Ramsey (Bruce Greenwood), convince him to accept the offer. Cutter boards as the 57th passenger on an Atlantic International flight to Los Angeles, where Marti is one of the flight attendants. Rane and his two FBI escorts are also aboard. After the flight takes off, several men in Rane's employ, posing as flight attendants and passengers, kill the FBI agents, release Rane and secure the plane. Cutter, in the lavatory at the time, manages to use the plane's Airfone to warn Delvecchio of the situation, but Cutter is soon discovered by one of Rane's agents. Cutter overpowers the agent and takes his weapon; he then uses the agent as a shield to confront Rane. Rane is indifferent and shows his ruthlessness by taking a passenger hostage and then killing him without mercy. Rane also shoots his own agent in a further show of force. Cutter realizes he is outmatched and escapes with Marti to the plane's cargo hold, dispatching another of Rane's men--Vincent, disguised as a caterer. Cutter dumps the plane's fuel, forcing Rane to order the pilots to land at a small Louisiana airfield. Cutter jumps from the plane as it lands, but Marti is caught by Rane and kept aboard. The local sheriff, Chief Biggs (Ernie Lively), arrests Cutter, thinking he is a terrorist and takes him to the airport building. Rane contacts the field's tower and threatens to start killing hostages unless the plane is refueled; he offers to release half of the passengers if they comply. Rane also asserts that Cutter is one of his own men turned against him. Biggs gives the go-ahead for refueling and, as the passengers are freed, Rane and his men escape from the plane, having given orders to those still on board to kill the rest of the hostages if their plans are interfered with. Cutter recognizes the passenger release as a diversion, escapes from the sheriff, and chases Rane and his men into a local county fair. The FBI arrive and confirm Cutter's true identity to Biggs. Cutter is able to kill one of Rane's men and gets into a fight with Rane before police arrive and capture him.
    165 2,258
    1992,USA, Action, Crime, Thriller,
  • Watch The American Gangster Movie Online
    Watch The American Gangster Movie Online
    1992, Crime, Documentary, The American Gangster Movie Online The American Gangster is a 1992 American crime documentary film directed by Ben Burtt and written and produced by Ray Herbeck Jr. The documentary is narrated by Dennis Farina and explores the lives of America's gangsters like Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, Al Capone, and Bugsy Siegel. Program provides an historical archive of how gangsters took advantage of changes in public policy to gain wealth and power in the first half of the twentieth century and how they met their ends. The post World War I raise and fall of bank robbery gangs is briefly described.
    211 2,258
    1992,USA, Crime, Documentary,
  • Watch Mexican Gangster Movie Online
    Watch Mexican Gangster Movie Online
    2008, Action, Mexican Gangster Movie Online Johnny Sun and his little brother are mexican-american gangsters.
    185 2,258
    2008,USA, Action,
  • Watch Steal Movie Online
    Watch Steal Movie Online
    2002, Action, Crime, Thriller, Steal Movie Online Slim (Stephen Dorff), Frank (Steven McCarthy), Otis (Cle Bennett) and Alex (Karen Cliche) are a group of youthful bank robbers who commit their crimes anonymously and in innovative ways involving extreme sports such as skating and snowboarding. Led by Lieutenant Macgruder (Bruce Payne) The group evades capture from the police, but an anonymous individual seems to know who they are and threatens to inform the police unless they undertake a robbery for him. Enter the Mafia, represented by underworld enforcer Surtayne (Steven Berkoff), who instructs the group to work for them also or they will all be killed. Slim becomes romantically involved with Karen (Natasha Henstridge), (a detective who distrusts Macgruder), and to save her and his friends escape from the threat of the anonymous man and the Mafia, Slim concocts a daring robbery.
    180 2,258
    2002,France,UK,Canada, Action, Crime, Thriller,
  • Watch Breaking Point Movie Online
    Watch Breaking Point Movie Online
    2009, Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Breaking Point Movie Online "Breaking Point" is a dramatic tale of corruption and self-realization, in which one man has to overcome a deep seeded conspiracy and his own lingering past in order to gain the redemption he desires. Steven Luisi (Tom Berenger), a once prominent criminal defense attorney is attempting to come back to the profession after a struggle with drug addiction and a family tragedy. Steven stumbles into a complex, high profile murder case. Against his better judgment, he takes on the case that will eventually lead him down a path that brings him face to face with his own demons. While trying to solve the case Steven teams up with an ex-athlete turned gang member, Richard "Beanz" Allen. The two develop a fast friendship. Together they seek to reveal the truth and bring about justice in the court and on the street. Steven and Allen go head to head with the murderous Bowen (Busta Rhymes), a vicious Gang leader and Steven's old drug dealer. With Allen's help, Steven discovers that there are deep connections between Bowen, himself, and a corrupt police department. Throughout his journey, Steven learns more about the truth, and about himself. Allen and Steven discover that their common mission is the pursuit of redemption.
    156 2,258
    2009,USA, Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch Breaking Point Movie Online
    Watch Breaking Point Movie Online
    1994, Thriller, Breaking Point Movie Online A retired police detective reluctantly returns to action to stop a serial killer dubbed "The Surgeon".
    170 2,258
    1994,Canada,USA, Thriller,
  • Watch The Breaking Point Movie Online
    Watch The Breaking Point Movie Online
    2014, Action, Crime, Drama, The Breaking Point Movie Online What would you do if you were accused of murder.
    153 2,258
    2014,USA, Action, Crime, Drama,
  • Watch Some Kind Of Beautiful Movie Online
    Watch Some Kind Of Beautiful Movie Online
    2014, Comedy, Romance, Some Kind Of Beautiful Movie Online Some Kind of Beautiful (original title: How to Make Love Like an Englishman) is a 2015 comedy/romance film written by Matthew Newman and directed by Tom Vaughan. The film stars Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek. The movie is produced by Brosnan, Remington Chase, Grant Cramer, Mark Fasano and Sriram Das. A drama about a Cambridge poetry professor who begins to re-evaluate his life of Byronic excess.
    302 2,258
    2014,USA, Comedy, Romance,
  • Watch One Night Surprise Movie Online
    Watch One Night Surprise Movie Online
    2013, Comedy, Romance, One Night Surprise Movie Online At her Marie Antoinette-themed birthday bash, Michelle loses her head after a few drinks and wakes up dishevelled in a hotel room. Forty days later, she discovers she’s pregnant and sets about finding the culprit. Michelle narrows it down to three suspects who turned up at her shindig: figure-skating teenager Jeb (Jiang Jingfu); seafood-sauce tycoon Tiger (Leon Lai, vulgarly dismantling his matinee-idol image); and her Harvard-educated Chinese-American boss, Bill (Korean-American thesp Daniel Henney). Their confrontations provide ample opportunities for overdone slapstick and naughty sexual innuendo, but there’s also the matter of her incompatibility with any of them, poignantly addressing the harsh reality that she’s not exactly long-term relationship material in their eyes.
    183 2,258
    2013,China, Comedy, Romance,
  • Watch The Divorcee Movie Online
    Watch The Divorcee Movie Online
    1930, Romance, Drama, The Divorcee Movie Online Ted (Chester Morris), Jerry (Norma Shearer), Paul (Conrad Nagel) and Dorothy (Helen Johnson) are part of the New York in-crowd. Jerry's decision to marry Ted crushes Paul. He gets drunk and is involved in an accident that leaves Dorothy's face disfigured. Out of pity, Paul marries Dorothy. Ted and Jerry have been married three years when she discovers he had a brief affair with another woman — and when she confronts him on their third anniversary, he tells her it didn't "mean a thing". Lonely and upset, and with Ted out on a business trip, Jerry has an affair with his best friend, Don. She shares the truth with Ted upon his return, withholding Don's name, and they argue ending with Ted leaving her and the couple filing for a divorce. While Jerry turns to partying to drown her sorrows, Ted becomes an alcoholic. Paul and Jerry run into each other and she discovers he still loves her and is willing to leave Dorothy to be with her. It is only after she meets Dorothy that Jerry is forced to evaluate her decision.
    215 2,258
    1930,USA, Romance, Drama,
  • Watch The Divorce Movie Online
    Watch The Divorce Movie Online
    2014, Comedy, The Divorce Movie Online Successful TV anchorwoman, Yolanda Massey (Dawnn Lewis), is celebrating her recent divorce by throwing herself a divorce party with her closest sorority girlfriends. Coming along for the ride is her hilariously funny, no nonsense BFF, Eva (Vanessa Bell Calloway), her younger sister, CeCe (Angell Conwell) and her newfound friend, Victoria (Tatyana Ali). For good measure, throw in her self-absorbed mother, a sexy, younger beau and a handsome ex-husband and you are in for an evening of raucous laughter, heartache and the ultimate surprise. The play also stars Judy Pace, Freda Payne, Tammi Mac, Keith Burke, Jonelle Allen and Rylan Williams.
    165 2,258
    2014,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Le divorce Movie Online
    Watch Le divorce Movie Online
    2003, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Le divorce Movie Online Isabel (Hudson) Walker travels to Paris to visit her sister, poet Roxy (Watts), who lives with her husband, Frenchman Charles-Henri, and her young daughter, Gennie. Roxy is pregnant, but her husband has just walked out on her without explanation. Isabel discovers that he has a married Russian lover, Magda Tellman, whom he intends to marry after securing a divorce from Roxy. Roxy refuses to divorce him. Paris-based American author Olivia Pace (Glenn Close), a friend of Roxy's, offers Isabel a job. The sisters visit the Charles-Henri's family's country home for Sunday brunch, where Isabel meets Charles-Henri's mother (Leslie Caron), and her handsome middle-aged brother-in-law, Edgar. Isabel also meets Yves, Olivia's protégé, and they begin an affair. At the same time, she is attracted to the older, wealthy and married Edgar. The two begin an affair, although Isabel continues to string Yves along. Charles-Henri maintains a blasé attitude about his infidelity and insists on a divorce. He also hopes to benefit from the French community property laws in the divorce, especially with regard to a painting owned by his wife's family. His mistress, Magda Tellman, is married to a man who begins to stalk and harass Roxy, thinking her responsible for his wife's desertion. Charles-Henri's cruelty and insensitivity take their toll on Roxy, and she attempts suicide in late pregnancy. She survives and is supported by Isabel and her lawyer. Roxy and Isabel's parents arrive from the US, which further complicates things when Edgar 's wife, Amelie, discovers the affair through Edgar's sister and Roxy's mother-in-law. She and Charles-Henri's mother confront, not Isabel, but her mother. Magda childishly teases her husband with her new relationship, and Charles-Henri is later found dead, murdered by Magda's husband in a crime of passion. Tellman then follows the sisters on a family outing to the Eiffel Tower, where he corners them and pulls a gun, demanding an opportunity to explain to an absent Roxy why he killed her husband. After some persuasion, the distraught Tellman releases the gun to Isabel, who drops it into a Hermes bag, an expensive gift from Edgar, before throwing it off the Eiffel Tower.
    197 2,258
    2003,USA, Drama, Romance, Comedy,
  • Watch Last Ounce of Courage Movie Online
    Watch Last Ounce of Courage Movie Online
    2012, Drama, Last Ounce of Courage Movie Online Last Ounce of Courage is a 2012 American family drama film directed by Darrel Campbell, Kevin McAfee and starring Marshall R. Teague, Jennifer O'Neill, and Fred Williamson. It centers on the struggle of Bob Revere, a man dealing with what he feels is his freedom of religion under attack by the government of his community and an ACLU-like group. The son of a fallen soldier, years after his father's death, tries to reconnect with his grandfather, who is still grieving the loss of his child.
    175 2,258
    2012,USA, Drama,
  • Watch Batkid Begins Movie Online
    Watch Batkid Begins Movie Online
    2015, Documentary, Biography, Family, Batkid Begins Movie Online Batkid Begins is a 2015 American documentary film directed by Dana Nachman and written by Kurt Kuenne and Nachman. The documentary follows Miles Scott, an American child and cancer survivor. His wish was to be "Batkid", a sidekick of the eponymous comic book superhero Batman. Once the request went out, thousands of volunteers, city officials, businesses and supporters rallied to turn San Francisco, California into "Gotham City" - the fictional home city of Batman, on November 15, 2013 for one of the largest and most elaborate Make-A-Wish projects ever staged. On one day, in one city, the world comes together to grant one 5 year old cancer patient his wish. Batkid Begins looks at the 'why' of this flash phenomenon.
    204 2,258
    2015,USA, Documentary, Biography, Family,
  • Watch The Beat Beneath My Feet Movie Online
    Watch The Beat Beneath My Feet Movie Online
    2014, Comedy, Drama, Family, Music, The Beat Beneath My Feet Movie Online A teenage boy discovers his unruly neighbour is really a disgraced Rock God who "died" 8 years ago owing a fortune in unpaid tax. The boy agrees not to reveal his secret on condition that he teaches him the dark arts of Rock Guitar.
    158 2,258
    2014,UK, Comedy, Drama, Family, Music,
  • Watch Richard the Lionheart Movie Online
    Watch Richard the Lionheart Movie Online
    2013, Action, Adventure, Richard the Lionheart Movie Online The aging King Henry II has chosen his son Richard to lead England in the coming war against France. To test Richard's loyalty, honor and skill, Henry sends him to a hellish prison in which the captives must fight a never-ending stream of enemies in order to survive. As Richard overcomes each new challenger, his strength, ingenuity and character are proven, and the legend of Richard the Lionheart is born. King Henry II tests the loyalty and honor of his son Richard sending him to a hellish prison. In prison Richard must fight against adversaries representing the virtues of a knight.
    0 2,258
    2013,USA,Italy, Action, Adventure,
  • Watch Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion Movie Online
    Watch Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion Movie Online
    2015, Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion Movie Online In an Europe divided between the two great powers of England and France, the sons of the English king, Henry The Young, Richard and Geoffrey, lead a rebellion against their own father supported in their fight by the old king of France Louis and especially by their french mother Eleanor of Aquitaine. The eldest of the three, Henry, while trying to find allies, is forced to comply the compromises imposed by a land too much divided and with too many lords. But, after the Queen has been captured in an ambush, the war is inevitable. Richard leads the rebel army and, with his bravery, conquered the most of the English territories on French soil, sieging their father the king in the castle of Rouen. But the kings of England and France are much more intertwined then it could seem at a first glance, in fact their plans were established long before the beginning of the rebellion. The three brothers have to face a path filled of traps, betrayal and shifting alliance until the incomplete defeat. But in the process Richard will learn the true meaning of being a knight and will also meet his promise bride Alys.
    254 2,258
    2015,USA, Action, Adventure, Drama, History,
  • Watch The Internship Games Movie Online
    Watch The Internship Games Movie Online
    2015, Comedy, The Internship Games Movie Online Six college students from different universities around the country are selected to participate in Econo Air's annual, company program to compete for an internship. Each student has dire reasons why they need to land this position that comes long with pay and free tuition. For these reasons, and others- they cannot see the craziness that's going on all around them in the company.
    147 2,258
    2015,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch X Moor Movie Online
    Watch X Moor Movie Online
    2014, Horror, X Moor Movie Online
    211 2,258
    2014,UK, Horror,

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