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  • Watch Escape from L.A. Movie Online
    Watch Escape from L.A. Movie Online
    1996, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Escape from L.A. Movie Online In 2000, an earthquake strikes Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley floods, and California turns into an island from Malibu to Anaheim. An American presidential candidate who is also an outspoken Christian theocrat has been saying that L.A. is sinful and has been punished by God. When he is elected President, he declares that anyone not conforming to the new "Moral America" laws he creates, which ban such things as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, red meat, firearms, profanity, non-Christian religions, atheism, and non-marital sex, will be deported to Los Angeles Island unless they repent and choose death by electrocution. A containment wall is built around the island, armed guards and watchtowers are posted, and those sent to the island are exiled permanently. In 2013, Cuervo Jones, a Shining Path Peruvian Revolutionary, seduces the President's daughter, Utopia, via a holographic system and brainwashes her into stealing her father's remote control to the "Sword of Damocles" super weapon—a series of satellites capable of destroying electronics anywhere on the planet. The President intends to use the system to destroy America's enemies' ability to function and eventually dominate the world. While traveling aboard Air Force Three, Utopia leaves the plane in an escape pod and lands on L.A. Island to join with Cuervo. With the satellites under his control, Cuervo promises to take back America with the assistance of an allied invasion force of third world nations that are standing by to attack. Cuervo claims that if the President tries to stop him, he will "pull the plug" on the country and black out the capital. Cuervo also knows the secret world code that can knock out power for the entire planet. Snake Plissken is captured for another series of crimes and is scheduled to be exiled to the island. Upon his arrival for deportation, Snake meets the President and is offered the mission of retrieving the weapon. The President says he will give him a full pardon if he is successful. The President indicates he does not care if Utopia is returned or not, declaring her a traitor. To ensure his compliance, Snake is infected with the man-made Plutoxin 7 virus that will kill him within ten hours. If he completes the mission, Snake will be cured. Snake is given an assault rifle, a personal holographic projector, a thermal-camouflage overcoat, and a countdown clock for how long he has to live. Los Angeles is in ruins and a hotbed of crime. Snake sneaks into the city with a mini submarine that he loses when the platform it landed on crumbles, causing the sub to sink. Making his way across the island, Snake meets "Map to the Stars" Eddie, a swindler who sells interactive tours of L.A.
    252 2,258
    1996,USA, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
  • Watch Spanking the Monkey Movie Online
    Watch Spanking the Monkey Movie Online
    1994, Comedy, Drama, Spanking the Monkey Movie Online Susan Aibelli, a married, lonely woman, suffers a leg injury at home just as her husband is about to leave on his job as a travelling salesman and her son, Raymond, is about to leave for the summer on a medical internship. Raymond is then forced to stay at home to take care of her as his father cannot. He loses both the internship and his girlfriend. These troublesome events leave him emotionally confused as he and his mother are left alone together, and they develop an incestuous relationship.
    199 2,258
    1994,USA, Comedy, Drama,
  • Watch Nanking Movie Online
    Watch Nanking Movie Online
    2007, Documentary, History, War, Nanking Movie Online Nanking is a 2007 film about the 1937 Nanking Massacre committed by the Japanese army in the former capital city Nanjing, China. The film draws on letters and diaries from the era as well as archive footage and interviews with surviving victims and perpetrators of the massacre. Contemporary actors play the roles of the Western missionaries, professors, and businessmen who formed the Nanking Safety Zone to protect the city's civilians from Japanese forces. Particular attention is paid to John Rabe, a German businessman who organized the Nanking Safety Zone, Robert O. Wilson, a surgeon who remained in Nanking to care for legions of victims, and Minnie Vautrin, a missionary educator who rendered aid to thousands of Nanking's women. In the winter of 1937, the Japanese army occupied Nanking and killed over 200,000 and raped tens of thousands of Chinese people, one of human history's worst atrocities. In order to protect Chinese civilians, a small group of European and American expatriates, Western missionaries, professors, and businessmen banded together to save 250,000, risking their own lives. The film describes the Nanking Massacre by reading from letters and diaries which shows the activities of John Rabe (Jürgen Prochnow), a German businessman, Robert O. Wilson (Woody Harrelson), the only surgeon remaining to care for legions of victims, and Minnie Vautrin (Mariel Hemingway), an educator who passionately defends the lives and honor of Nanking's women during the war time.
    233 2,258
    2007,USA, Documentary, History, War,
  • Watch Feast of All Saints Movie Online
    Watch Feast of All Saints Movie Online
    2001, Romance, Drama, Feast of All Saints.Set in nineteenth-century New Orleans, the story depicts the gens de couleur libre, or the Free People of Colour, a dazzling yet damned class caught between the world of white privilege and black oppression.
    354 2,258
    2001,USA, Romance, Drama,
  • Watch Tactical Movie Online
    Watch Tactical Movie Online
    2009, Action, Crime, Tactical Movie Online A murder witness loses his memory in an accident, and is tracked by the Special Forces and the drug lords. Amidst the battle between the forces of law and evil, murders are committed, hits are made, and the chances of survival shrink minute by minute. Particularly as not everybody is what the others think.
    229 2,258
    2009,USA, Action, Crime,
  • Watch Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board Movie Online
    Watch Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board Movie Online
    2007, Comedy, Drama, Sport, Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board Movie Online Johnny "Pono" Kapahala, a teen snowboarding champion from Vermont, returns to Oahu, Hawaii, for the wedding of his grandfather, local surf legend Johnny Tsunami. Johnny is excited for the marriage as he anticipates having an uncle to hang out with, but eventually realizes his "Uncle Chris" is a 12-year-old brat. The Dirt Devils, a dirtboarding group, convince "Uncle Chris" to do a dangerous stunt down a large sand dune on illegal property. He does the stunt, but he crashes and burns and is caught by the police. Johnny, who's supposed to be watching out for Chris, bans him from dirtboarding, which further strains their relationship. The next day, Sam and Johnny catch Chris heading off with the Dirt Devils. They follow him to a barge set up with a skate park. Before Chris can skate, Johnny and Sam show him up by skating the barge. Annoyed, Chris runs away. When he gets home, he gets into a fight with Johnny and tells him to leave him alone. So, the next morning Johnny goes surfing. He bumps into Valerie and gives her a surfing lesson, which makes Chris jealous and upset. Forced to hang out with Chris, Johnny and Sam blackmail him into coming along with them for a day. With Val, they go dirtboarding and ride ATVs. To his surprise, Chris has a good time, and he and Johnny finally start to get along. The group heads out to a dirt boarding event to meet Akoni Kama and possible sponsors, but the Dirt Devils kick Val out of their group for hanging with Johnny and Chris, the "competition". Chris runs away from home again, and when Johnny and Sam find him, Chris is fighting with Jared, the leader of the Dirt Devils, on joining his group. Chris agrees to do a dangerous jump the next day during the rehearsal dinner for Carla and Johnny's wedding, which is also the night before the opening of the shop. Johnny tells Chris that he isn't allowed to do the jump, so Chris tricks Johnny into thinking that he has changed and goes with Johnny to town to get items for the rehearsal dinner that night. Chris then runs away to find the Dirt Devils. By the time Johnny finds him, Chris has done the jump-and now has a broken arm/wrist. They go back home, and just as they begin to set aside their differences and get along, they get news of a break-in at Johnny's grandpa's shop, which is now trashed. Jared is immediately arrested after he is found with a bag of broken gear from the shop. Troy comes over and denies being involved in the break-in. He then tells Chris that he is fit to join the Dirt Devils, but both Johnny and his grandpa say no. Chris runs away once again, saying that he hates the family, leaving Carla feeling guilty about trying to force him into this new family.
    193 2,258
    2007,USA, Comedy, Drama, Sport,
  • Watch Frankenhooker Movie Online
    Watch Frankenhooker Movie Online
    1990, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Frankenhooker is a 1990 American black comedy horror directed by Frank Henenlotter. Very loosely inspired by Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, the film stars James Lorinz as medical school drop-out Jeffrey Franken and former Penthouse Pet Patty Mullen as the title character (who wears a fatsuit in the beginning of the film).After his attractive fiancée is cut into pieces in a freak accident involving a lawnmower, aspiring mad scientist Jeffrey Franken is determined to put her back together again. He sets about reassembling his girlfriend using parts from a variety of New York prostitutes. However, his bizarre plan goes awry when his reanimated girlfriend no longer wants just him, but for money will take on anybody, and afterwards try to kill them.
    296 2,258
    1990,USA, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch April Fools Day Movie Online
    Watch April Fools Day Movie Online
    1986, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, April Fools Day.A group of nine college students staying at a friend's remote island mansion begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer over the April Fool's day weekend.
    0 2,258
    1986,USA, Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
  • Watch Babylon 5: The Gathering Movie Online
    Watch Babylon 5: The Gathering Movie Online
    1993, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Babylon 5: The Gathering.The opening of a crucial space station is put in jeopardy when the commanding officer is accused of the attempted murder of a diplomat.
    255 2,258
    1993,USA,Canada, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Mad Max Renegade Movie Online
    Watch Mad Max Renegade Movie Online
    2011, Short, Action, Mad Max Renegade follows the further adventures of Max Rockatansky after his desertion from Main Force Patrol in his famed Pursuit Special, more commonly known as the Interceptor.
    242 2,258
    2011,USA, Short, Action,
  • Watch Bad Moon Movie Online
    Watch Bad Moon Movie Online
    1996, Horror, Bad Moon.One man's struggle to contain the curse he hides within... and his last-ditch attempt to free himself with the love of family. But when it looks as if he is losing his battle, and endangering all he holds most dear, the family dog, Thor, is the last hope for his family's survival... and the end to his Werewolf curse.
    228 2,258
    1996,USA, Horror,
  • Watch Baby Blues Movie Online
    Watch Baby Blues Movie Online
    2008, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Baby Blues.On a secluded family farm, a mother suffers a psychotic break due to postpartum depression, forcing the eldest son to protect his siblings from the mother they have always known and loved.
    218 2,258
    2008,USA, Drama, Horror, Thriller,
  • Watch Blue Hawaii Movie Online
    Watch Blue Hawaii Movie Online
    1961, Comedy, Musical, Blue Hawaii.Chad Gates has just gotten out of the Army, and is happy to be back in Hawaii with his surf-board, his beach buddies, and his girlfriend. His father wants him to go to work at the Great Southern Hawaiian Fruit Company, but Chad is reluctant. So Chad goes to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend's agency.
    198 2,258
    1961,USA, Comedy, Musical,
  • Watch The Party Movie Online
    Watch The Party Movie Online
    1968, Comedy, The Party.A clerical mistake results in a bumbling film extra being invited to an exclusive Hollywood party instead of being fired.
    251 2,258
    1968,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Bon Cop, Bad Cop Movie Online
    Watch Bon Cop, Bad Cop Movie Online
    2006, Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Bon Cop, Bad Cop.Two Canadian detectives, one from Ontario and the other from Quebec, must work together when a murdered victim is found on the Ontario Quebec border line.
    236 2,258
    2006,Canada, Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller,
  • Watch Backwaters Movie Online
    Watch Backwaters Movie Online
    2006, Drama, Thriller, Backwaters Movie Online A paralyzed woman goes missing after she and her husband travel to India for specialized medical attention.
    345 2,258
    2006,UK, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch Blackwater Movie Online
    Watch Blackwater Movie Online
    2007, Action, Adventure, Blackwater Movie Online Four young women tourists are hunted by ruthless woodsmen in the Florida Everglades.
    249 2,258
    2007,USA, Action, Adventure,
  • Watch Black Water Movie Online
    Watch Black Water Movie Online
    2007, Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Black Water Movie Online Grace (Diana Glenn), her younger sister Lee (Maeve Dermody) and husband Adam (Andy Rodoreda) are going on the Blackwater Barry tour out in the Mangrove swamps for fishing. After leaving the home of Grace's mother, Lee convinces the three to go to a crocodile exhibit. They learn that local male crocodiles can grow to massive sizes and are extremely dangerous. Later that day the trio go to a bar, where Lee suspects that Grace is pregnant when she refuses to have a drink. The next day, Grace confirms Lee's suspicion, but Adam remains unaware. Once they arrive at the docks, their tour guide, Jim (Ben Oxenbould), arms himself with a six-shot revolver and the group sets off. After failing to catch any fish on the usual route, the boat is bumped by something in the water. Jim removes an old paint can from the river, stating that it is the object that hit the boat. He then suggests that they steer off course, deeper into the swamps, where he believes fish larger than usual may be. Once they veer off the usual course, Grace begins to panic, but the others are unaware. They arrive at a small clearing far from the course they should have taken, and Adam immediately snags a fish. Jim shouts words of advice while Lee, camera in hand, spots something in the distance. She alerts Grace, but after a second glance, sees nothing. Suddenly, the group is thrown about the boat when it is bumped again. After a second, more powerful hit, the boat capsizes, dumping Grace, Adam, Lee and Jim into the water. Adam realizes a crocodile has attacked them and helps Grace into a nearby tree. He then searches the water for Lee, who is tangled up in ropes under the boat. Grace sees the enormous crocodile nearby and convinces Adam to climb into the tree. Lee frees herself and swims out from under the boat. The crocodile swims after her as she struggles to climb atop the boat, but she manages to get on top. The crocodile thrashes the boat around in an attempt to throw her off. Adam and Grace distract the crocodile, which, defeated, swims away. Grace and Adam plan a way to get Lee safely into the tree and realize they can use the ropes from the boat to pull the it across. Lee throws a rope to Adam, who, with Grace's help, attempts to pull the boat to the tree. When their efforts have no effect, Adam believes the rope to be caught on a stump, and tells Lee she will have to swim across. Hesitant at first, she eventually slides off the boat into the water and begins to walk across to them when something splashes in the distance. Panicking, she runs to Adam and Grace who pull her into the tree. Grace and Lee suggest that they sit and wait for someone to come looking for them, but Adam states that no one saw them leave. Grace then suggests they climb across the trees to the mainland. She tells them she'll check out this possibility first and come back. She sees that they would not be able to climb across the trees, eventually having to swim across the river. On the way back to tell them the bad news, she finds Jim's ear floating in the water. Panicking frantically, she returns to Adam and Lee in the tree, keeping the discovery of the severed ear a secret.
    263 2,258
    2007,Australia, Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller,
  • Watch Blackout Movie Online
    Watch Blackout Movie Online
    2008, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Blackout Movie Online Three strangers (two men and a woman) are riding in an elevator when a power outage leaves them stranded. The situation becomes unbearable when they find out one of them is a deranged killer. With hours before the power comes back on, the other two must find a way out. It is slowly revealed that one of the men is suffering from losing his wife. The other man had just experienced a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend's father. The woman, covered in blood, just left a hospital visiting her grandmother. The movie opens with Karl visiting his wife's grave. His young daughter shows up with Karl's sister-in-law and they play Marco Polo for a while. He asks his sister-in-law to care for his daughter so he can take care of something. He drives home where the blackout traps him. During flashbacks we see him taking photos of a woman whom he later buys a drink and takes to his car. Claudia is a student who lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother advises to relax and enjoy life. The story opens with Claudia covered in blood, leaving a hospital for home. She enters the elevator, which she notices is making weird noises. Tommy at first appears tough. He is first shown leaving his girlfriend's house on his motorcycle, then entering the elevator along with Karl and Claudia. When Karl takes Tommy's picture, claiming to have captured the perfect picture of angst, Tommy freaks out and demands he delete it. During a flashback we learn he is a former drug addict and fought with his girlfriend's alcoholic father. When he and Claudia start arguing, Karl urges them to remain calm. Tommy is then shown playing with a butterfly knife, which they subsequently use to keep the elevator's door open for ventilation. Tommy eventually climbs out the top of the elevator, looking for help. As Tommy is climbing up the elevator shaft Claudia flashes back to earlier that day. As she and her grandmother are leaving the building, a homeless man asks her for money. Her grandmother keeps walking and off screen is hit by a car. Karl begins to speak about his night before with a woman and that he needs to clean up the apartment before his daughter arrives. Tommy, meanwhile, struggles up the shaft but falls hard onto the elevator, breaking his leg and causing the elevator to fall several floors. Claudia begins to have a slight asthma attack, but is able to control it. Karl, a doctor, reluctantly helps tend to Tommy's broken leg. Claudia reveals that she has a bottle of water, causing Karl to accuse her of keeping secrets.
    246 2,258
    2008,USA, Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
  • Watch Blackout Movie Online
    Watch Blackout Movie Online
    1985, Crime, Drama, Horror Blackout Movie Online A police officer suspects that a local husband and father who has recently undergone facial surgery because of injuries received in a car accident is in reality the same man who committed a quadruple murder several years before.
    232 2,258
    1985,USA, Crime, Drama, Horror
  • Watch Blackout Movie Online
    Watch Blackout Movie Online
    2007, Drama, Blackout Movie Online Blackout is a 2007 American television film that takes place in New York City during the Northeast Blackout of 2003. Written and directed by Jerry LaMothe, it stars Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Saldana, Prodigy of Mobb Deep Michael B. Jordan, and LaTanya Richardson. The film premiered at the 2007 Zurich Film Festival. It debuted on BET on February 1, 2008. Chain of events that unfolds in a forgotten Brooklyn neighborhood during the blackout of 2003.
    246 2,258
    2007,USA, Drama,
  • Watch La princesse de Montpensier Movie Online
    Watch La princesse de Montpensier Movie Online
    2010, Action, Drama, History, Romance, La princesse de Montpensier.Bertrand Tavernier is in top form with this gripping, superbly mounted drama set against the savage Catholic/Protestant wars that ripped France apart in the 16th century. Based on a novella by the celebrated Madame de Lafayette, the action centers on the love of Marie de Mezières for her dashing cousin Henri de Guise, thwarted when her father's political ambitions force her into marriage with the well-connected Philippe de Montpensier, who she has never met. When Philippe is called away to fight, she is left in the care of Count Chabannes, an aging nobleman with a disdain for warfare, and soon becomes exposed to the sexual and political intrigues of court.
    188 2,258
    2010,France,Germany, Action, Drama, History, Romance,
  • Watch Thrashin Movie Online
    Watch Thrashin Movie Online
    1986, Action, Drama, Thrashin Movie Online Cory Webster is an amateur skateboarder from out of town staying in Los Angeles with friends in hopes of competing and winning a downhill competition for which he has been training. During his stay in LA, he falls for a beautiful blonde named Chrissy, who just happens to be the younger sister of Hook, the leader of "The Daggers", a tough punk rock skateboard gang in the Los Angeles/Venice Beach areas. Chrissy is not a Dagger herself but has come from her home in Indiana to stay with her brother in L.A. for the summer. Cory and his crew "The Ramp LOCALS!" often have confrontations throughout the film because of Cory's disobedience to Hook when asked not to come around or call Chrissy again. Chrissy, however, can choose her own relationships and has the opposite interest. Cory disobeys and is chased on skateboard through city streets and a parking garage by members of "The Daggers". He barely escapes by boarding a bus and exiting through the back door and onto the roof while the rival gang members search the cabin of the bus. Through all of that memorable scene, the Circle Jerks song "Wild in the Streets" is played, showcasing the connection between '80s hardcore punk rock and skateboarding culture (Vice Squad, Devo, SST Records and Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirts can be seen on skateboarders throughout the film as well). Upset at Cory, The Daggers find The Ramp LOCALS' half-pipe and burn it to the ground, thus creating more drama between the two skate crews. Cory and Hook later meet up that night, after an earlier confrontation, at the "Dagger house" (a punk rock house overrun with Daggers and graffiti, quite common in the 1980s throughout Los Angeles communities). The rivals joust in a remote location until Cory is injured and the police arrive. With Cory's arm broken he is convinced he cannot compete in the downhill, and places blame on Chrissy, who wasn't there to assist him in his time of need; she left with the Daggers as the police were arriving, but in protest reminds him that she had begged him not to engage in the duel in the first place. As Chrissy is driving away, Cory runs outside to try to make up with her, but she doesn't hear him behind her. An emotionally upset Chrissy arrives back at the Daggers' house, tells her brother she is going back to Indiana, and asks to be driven to the bus station in the morning; she goes upstairs to pack. Later, Cory skates over to the Daggers' house looking for Chrissy, but Hook's girlfriend tells him that she has already taken Chrissy to the bus station, that she doesn't have a phone number for Chrissy, and that Chrissy was crying inconsolably when she returned. These are all lies; Chrissy is still upstairs packing. Later that night, Chrissy and her brother have a heart to heart about his protectiveness of her as he drives her to the bus station, where she gets on the bus to Indiana.
    287 2,258
    1986,USA, Action, Drama,
  • Watch Crashing Movie Online
    Watch Crashing Movie Online
    2007, Drama, Crashing Movie Online Having been kicked out of his house by his wife, writer Richard McMurray crashes on the couch of two sexy co-eds where he just might find the inspiration to complete his second novel.
    191 2,258
    2007,USA, Drama,
  • Watch Border Wolves Movie Online
    Watch Border Wolves Movie Online
    1938, Action, Adventure, Comedy Border Wolves Movie Online Following the end of the Civil War, "Rusty" Reynolds and his pal, Clem Barrett, are on their way to the California gold-fields when they come upon the massacre of a wagon train by Jack Carson and his gang of renegades. When the Sheriif arrives, they are mistaken as being part of the gang, arrested, tried and convicted, and sentenced to hang by Judge Coleman. On the night before the hanging, they are released from jail (in a staged jail-break) and the sheriff directs them to go to a cabin and meet a man. The man is the Judge who sentenced them to hang, but knows that Reynolds isn't the gang-leader Carson, for Carson is the judge's son. The judge asks "Rusty" and Clem to follow the gang, and bring his son back for trial.
    220 2,258
    1938,USA, Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Watch War Wolves Movie Online
    Watch War Wolves Movie Online
    2009, Sci-Fi, War Wolves Movie Online War Wolves depicts the lives of several Army soldiers who are ambushed in a small town in the Middle East. They return home and to their normal lives, however they find that they had changed considerably. Growing fangs at will and slowly going through a mysterious and painful change, they part ways when they realize their own taste for blood. Refusing to give in one finds a life away from it all, going under the name of Lawrence Talbot. But escaping his life he finds is impossible as the members of his "pack" attempt to hunt him down and convert him to the more thrilling life their changes are introducing them to.
    288 2,258
    2009,USA, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Cruising Bar Movie Online
    Watch Cruising Bar Movie Online
    1989, Comedy, Cruising Bar Movie Online In this outrageous comedy (where the lead characters are played by the same actor), four men from very different backgrounds set out to go "babe-hunting" on a Saturday night. Follow a very shy nerd, a broken- hearted junkie, a snob yuppy, and a middle-aged married man through their amazing ordeal!
    291 2,258
    1989,Canada, Comedy,
  • Watch Meet Market Movie Online
    Watch Meet Market Movie Online
    2008, Comedy, Romance, Meet Market Movie Online Lonely aspirants on the LA singles scene hook up at their local grocery store, where they can see and be seen by some of their dubiously eligible fellow singles, all the while hoping for one magical relationship that will finally click...
    251 2,258
    2008,USA, Comedy, Romance,
  • Watch Broken English Movie Online
    Watch Broken English Movie Online
    1996, Drama, Romance, Broken English Movie Online Ivan is the fierce patriarch of a family of Croatian refugees in Auckland. Nina is his daughter, ready to live on her own, despite his angry objections. Eddie is the Maori she takes as her lover. Nina works at a restaurant where Eddie cooks. For a price, she agrees to marry a Chinese, another restaurant employee, so that he (and his Chinese wife) can establish permanent residency. The money gives her the independence she needs to leave her parents' house and move in with Eddie. Complications arise when Eddie realizes the depth of her father's fury and the strength of Nina's family ties.
    235 2,258
    1996,New Zealand, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch Broken English Movie Online
    Watch Broken English Movie Online
    2007, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Broken English Movie Online Nora Wilder (Parker Posey), a single, career woman works at a Manhattan boutique hotel where her excellent skills in guest relations lack in the romantic department. If it is not her loving and dominant mother (Gena Rowlands) attempting to set her up that consistently fail, she has her friend’s (Drea de Matteo) disastrous blind dates to rely on as a backup for further dismay. She's surrounded by friends who are all happily engaged or romantically involved and somehow, love escapes Nora—until she meets an unusual Frenchman (Melvil Poupaud) who helps her discover life beyond her self-imposed boundaries.
    315 2,258
    2007,USA,France,Japan, Comedy, Drama, Romance,

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