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  • Watch Battle in Seattle Movie Online
    Watch Battle in Seattle Movie Online
    2007, Action, Drama, Battle in Seattle is a 2007 political action film and the directorial debut of actor Stuart Townsend. It is based on the protest activity at the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999. The film premiered on May 22, 2008 at theSeattle International Film Festival.The film depicts the protest in 1999, as thousands of activists arrive in Seattle, Washington in masses to protest the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999. The World Trade Organization is considered by protesters to contribute to widening the socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor while it claims to be fixing it and decreasing world hunger, disease and death.The movie takes an in-depth look at several fictional characters during those five days in 1999 as demonstrators protested the meeting of the WTO in Seattle's streets. The movie portrays conflicts between the peaceful protesters and a minority committing property destruction whose actions were widely covered by the media. Although the protest began peacefully with a goal of stopping the WTO talks, police began teargassing the crowd after it refused to clear the streets and the situation escalated into a full-scale riot and a State of Emergency that pitted protesters against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard.
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    2007,Canada,USA,Germany, Action, Drama,
  • Watch The Perfect Murder Movie Online
    Watch The Perfect Murder Movie Online
    1988, Comedy, Thriller, Action, Crime, The Perfect Murder Movie Online Police Inspector Ghote lives a middle-class life in Bombay along with his wife, Pratima. He has been employed with the Bombay Police for many years. His wife is generally disgruntled and wants a better life. He is assigned to investigate the deadly assault on a Parsi man named Perfect, who is the Secretary of Lala Heera Lal, a wealthy man with underworld links. Inspector Ghote commences his investigation and is displeased when his superiors ask him to work with a Swedish Forensic expert, Axel Svennson. Axel is thrilled to get a closer look at the working of the Bombay Police, but realizes that Ghote may not be one of their best police officers. When their friendship develops, he gets invited to Ghote's house, and meets Pratima. Their investigation, though prima facie simple enough, takes them through turns and twists that both had not expected - including corridors of power and corruption - and finally to the conclusion and the unmasking of the culprit(s) behind this incident.
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    1988,UK,India, Comedy, Thriller, Action, Crime,
  • Watch A Perfect Murder Movie Online
    Watch A Perfect Murder Movie Online
    1998, Crime, Drama, Thriller, A Perfect Murder Movie Online Steven Taylor (Michael Douglas) is a Wall Street hedge fund manager whose investments and speculations allow him to live an extravagant upper class lifestyle with his much younger wife Emily (Gwyneth Paltrow). Unfortunately for Taylor, his illegal investments are unraveling; to alleviate the pressure being put on him by large upcoming margin payments he will need his wife's personal fortune (roughly 100 million dollars) to maintain that status and lifestyle. Emily seems a faithful wife, but in reality she is having an affair with a painter, David Shaw (Viggo Mortensen), and is considering leaving her husband. Emily thinks she is safe, but Steven knows everything about the affair. He has also been able to uncover David’s past as an ex-convict whose real name is Winston Lagrange and who has a history of conning rich women out of their money. Steven goes to David's loft, where Emily has accidentally left her wedding ring. Once there he confronts the con man and reveals his knowledge of David's past. Steven then makes him an offer of $500,000 cash to murder his wife. At first David wants nothing to do with the plan, claiming instead that Emily and he are in love. David asks what is to stop him from going straight to Emily or to the police with this information. Steven replies that it would be his word against David's, and that he knows of a previous crime David committed in Boca Raton, Florida, taking off with a lady's bearer bonds. Steven has an acquaintance who has a photograph of the suspect and all they would need is David's real name. Steven then reminds David that he already has two strikes against him, and this third arrest would be enough to send him to prison for fifteen years without parole. Steven instructs David to come by his apartment at around 12 o' clock the following day. Steven has already laid out a detailed plan which will supply him with a firm alibi. He will hide Emily's latchkey outside the service entrance to his apartment. Steven will then go out for his regular card game, during which time his wife usually stays in and takes a bath. David is to sneak in and at 10 pm, when Steven phones Emily, kill her and make it look like a robbery. The following evening, when Emily arrives home, Steven removes the key from her keychain and hides it as planned. She has decided to tell Steven about her affair and asks him to stay home to talk; he refuses however and then leaves. At 10 o'clock that night Steven takes a break from his card game and uses his cellphone to make a call to an automated bank number while using a second phone to call his house. Emily leaves her bath to answer the phone but is attacked in the kitchen by a masked assailant; during their struggle she manages to kill the attacker by stabbing him in the neck with a meat thermometer.
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    1998,USA, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch The Parole Officer Movie Online
    Watch The Parole Officer Movie Online
    2001, Comedy, Crime, The Parole Officer is a 2001 British comedy film, directed by John Duigan. It was the first feature film to star comedian Steve Coogan. The film follows a diverse group of former criminals as they assist their probation officer in proving his innocence after a murder accusation.Simon Garden is a well-meaning but ineffectual probation officer. At the beginning of the film, he is facing a tribunal after his entire department in Blackpool submit complaints against him, Garden having only had three successes in his career. He is therefore transferred to Manchester. He has hypoglycemia and therefore regularly eats crisps.In Manchester, he starts his new role and meets an attractive WPC, Emma. While looking into the case of a "client", Kirsty, a juvenile delinquent who had had Class A drugs planted on her, Simon witnesses the murder of an accountant by corrupt police officer Detective Inspector Burton. He is discovered, chased from the building by two bouncers and after being cornered, ends up falling into a canal. However, he has inadvertently left his wallet containing identification at the crime scene and is duly framed for the accountant's murder by DI Burton. Simon goes to the police with the story, but ends up being interviewed by Burton, who is leading the investigation. He releases Simon, but threatens him with prison unless he keeps quiet about his drugs scam and the murder.
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    2001,UK, Comedy, Crime,
  • Watch Heaven & Earth Movie Online
    Watch Heaven & Earth Movie Online
    1993, Action, Biography, Drama, History, War, Heaven & Earth Movie Online Le Ly (Hiep Thi Le) is a girl growing up in a Vietnamese village. Her life changes when the communist insurgents show up in the village to first fight the forces of France and then the United States. During the American involvement, Le Ly is captured and tortured by South Vietnamese government troops, and later raped by the Viet Cong because they suspect that she is a traitor. After the rape, her relationship with her village is destroyed, and she and her family are forced to move. Her family moves to Saigon and she is employed by a family there. The master of the household misleads her into believing that he genuinely cares for her, and she falls for him and gets pregnant by him. The master's wife becomes enraged and Le Ly's whole family is forced to move back to their former province. There she meets Steve Butler (Tommy Lee Jones), a Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. When she first meets him she is not interested in a boyfriend or marriage, having been through so much suffering. Steve falls for Le Ly and treats her very well, making a big difference in her life while in Vietnam. The two leave Vietnam and move to the United States. Their life together begins well, but years of killing and life in the bush have taken their toll on Steve who becomes uncontrollably violent. The relationship falters, despite Le Ly's attempts to reconcile with Steve. After an impassioned plea by Le Ly for Steve to come back to her, he commits suicide.
    155 2,258
    1993,France,USA, Action, Biography, Drama, History, War,
  • Watch Heaven on Earth Movie Online
    Watch Heaven on Earth Movie Online
    2008, Drama, Heaven on Earth Movie Online Vibrant Chand (Preity Zinta) is a young bride leaving her home in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, for Brampton, Ontario, Canada, where her husband Rocky (Vansh Bhardwaj) and his very traditional family await her arrival. Everything is new and unfamiliar to Chand including the quiet and shy Rocky who she meets for the first time at the Arrivals level of Pearson Airport. Chand approaches her new life and land with equanimity and grace, and at times the wide-eyed optimism of hope—her first snowfall is a tiny miracle of beauty, and the roar of Niagara Falls creates the excitement of new beginnings. But soon optimism turns to isolation as the family she has inherited struggles beneath the weight of unspoken words, their collective frustration becoming palpable. No one feels the pressure more than Rocky, weighed down by familial obligations. A controlling mother who can’t let him go, a sweet but ineffectual father, and a sister whose two children and unemployed husband are also a burden. All live with Rocky and Chand in a two-bedroom house in the suburbs of Toronto. To make matters worse, Rocky is expected to find the money to bring his extended family to Canada. Unable to express his anger, he finds other ways to release it and it’s Chand who bears the brunt of his repressed rage. Trapped in a world she cannot comprehend and unable to please her husband, Chand is desperate. Hope comes in the form of Rosa (Yanna McIntosh), a tough and savvy Jamaican woman who works alongside Chand in a factory where immigrant women from all over the world clean and press dirty hotel laundry. Rosa sees past the make-up that covers Chand’s bruised face. Realizing Chand has nowhere to turn, Rosa gives her a magical root advising her “to put it in whatever the bastard drinks.” The root is supposed to seduce the one who takes it, making them fall hopelessly in love with the person who gives it to them. Chand’s attempts with the magic root lead to surreal incidents and her life gradually begins to mirror an Indian fable involving a King Cobra. As the lines between fantasy and reality converge, Chand and Rocky come face to face with each other and themselves.
    159 2,258
    2008,Canada, Drama,
  • Watch He Got Game Movie Online
    Watch He Got Game Movie Online
    1998, Drama, Sport, He Got Game Movie Online Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen), a top-ranked athlete and student at Lincoln High School in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, is being pursued by the top college basketball programs in the nation. His father, Jake (Denzel Washington), is a convicted felon serving time at Attica Correctional Facility for accidentally killing his wife (Jesus' mother) by pushing her while arguing with Jesus at the age of 12. The father is temporarily released by the governor, an influential alum of "Big State," one of the colleges Jesus is considering, so that he might persuade his son to sign with the governor's college; if successful he'll get an early release from prison. While seemingly a sound plan, it turns haywire due to the strained relationship between Jesus and his father. Upon his first moments outside of prison, Jake contacts his daughter Mary Shuttlesworth (Zelda Harris), who is happy to see him. Mary invites her father to the apartment where she and Jesus now live, having moved out of their Uncle Bubba's place. When Jesus returns home from school, he is unhappy to see his father. Refusing to look him in the eye, he tells his sister to get rid of the "stranger" in their living room. Jesus later agrees to meet with his father at an alternative location away from Mary. Throughout the movie, Jake tries to persuade Jesus to attend "Big State" with seemingly no success. Eventually he divulges the deal set up by the governor, but Jesus appears unsympathetic to his father's situation. Intertwined with the story of the Shuttlesworth family is the sub-plot of Dakota Barns (Milla Jovovich), a prostitute who stays in the room next to Jake in the run-down hotel which the warden has booked for him. Dakota is being abused by her current boss/lover (Sweetness) and Jake overhears their violence through the thin walls. Throughout the movie Jake is seen helping clean her wounds, and he (Jake) gave her some of his money to be used for his expenses during this week out of prison. Dakota is seen in one of the final scenes of the movie taking a Greyhound bus away from New York City.
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    1998,USA, Drama, Sport,
  • Watch The Mark of Zorro Movie Online
    Watch The Mark of Zorro Movie Online
    1920, Adventure, Western, The Mark of Zorro Movie Online The Mark of Zorro is a 1920 silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Noah Beery, Sr.. This genre-defining swashbuckler adventure was the first movie version of The Mark of Zorro. Based on the 1919 story "The Curse of Capistrano" by Johnston McCulley, which introduced the masked hero, Zorro, the screenplay was adapted by Fairbanks (as "Elton Thomas") and Eugene Miller. The film was produced by Fairbanks for his own production company, Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation, and was the first film released through United Artists, the company formed by Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith. The character Sgt. Pedro Gonzales (Noah Beery, Sr.) was later transformed into Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia (Henry Calvin) by the Disney TV series with Guy Williams as Diego/Zorro, who was renamed Don Diego de la Vega. The Mark of Zorro tells the story of Don Diego Vega, the outwardly foppish son of a wealthy ranchero Don Alejandro in the old Spanish California of the early 19th century. Seeing the mistreatment of the peons by rich landowners and the oppressive colonial government, Don Diego, who is not as effete as he pretends, has taken the identity of the masked Robin Hood-like rogue Señor Zorro ("Mr. Fox"), champion of the people, who appears out of nowhere to protect them from the corrupt administration of Governor Alvarado, his henchman the villainous Captain Juan Ramon and the brutish Sergeant Pedro Gonzales (Noah Beery, Wallace Beery's older half-brother). With his sword flashing and an athletic sense of humor, Zorro scars the faces of evildoers with his mark, "Z". When not in the disguise of Zorro, dueling and rescuing peons, Don Diego courts the beautiful Lolita Pulido with bad magic tricks and worse manners. She cannot stand him. Lolita is also courted by Captain Ramon; and by the dashing Zorro, whom she likes.
    159 2,258
    1920,USA, Adventure, Western,
  • Watch Sexaholix... A Love Story Movie Online
    Watch Sexaholix... A Love Story Movie Online
    2002, Comedy, Drama, Sexaholix... A Love Story.John Leguizamo returns to HBO in this one-man stage show to examine the world’s most intimate act! SEXAHOLIX is an affectionate tale of the comic’s path to maturation and the women who helped get him there. Leguizamo digs into his past love life to mine a rich vein of material. Nothing is held back in this hilarious comedy.
    154 2,258
    2002,USA, Comedy, Drama,
  • Watch The Mark of Zorro Movie Online
    Watch The Mark of Zorro Movie Online
    1940, Action, Adventure, Romance, Western, The Mark of Zorro Movie Online The Mark of Zorro is a 1940 American adventure film directed by Rouben Mamoulian and produced by Darryl F. Zanuck for 20th Century Fox. The action movie stars Tyrone Power as Don Diego Vega (Zorro), Linda Darnell as his love interest, and Basil Rathbone as the villain. The cast also includes Gale Sondergaard as the scheming wife of the corrupt local governor, Eugene Pallette as Zorro's local friar, and J. Edward Bromberg as the governor, along with Montagu Love, Janet Beecher, Robert Lowery, and Chris-Pin Martin. Diego's mute servant, Bernardo is absent in this film adaptation. The film is based on the story The Curse of Capistrano written by Johnston McCulley, originally published in 1919, which introduced the masked hero Zorro. The story is set in Southern California during the early 19th century. The plot deals with Don Diego Vega (Tyrone Power), the apparently foppish son of wealthy ranchero Don Alejandro Vega (Montagu Love), who returns to California after his education in Spain. He is horrified at the way the common people are mistreated by Alcalde Luis Quintero (J. Edward Bromberg). Don Diego adopts the guise of El Zorro ("the fox"), a masked outlaw who becomes the defender of the common people. Meanwhile, he romances the Alcalde's beautiful niece, Lolita (Linda Darnell).
    165 2,258
    1940,USA, Action, Adventure, Romance, Western,
  • Watch The Mask of Zorro Movie Online
    Watch The Mask of Zorro Movie Online
    1998, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Western, The Mask of Zorro Movie Online In 1821, Don Diego De La Vega (Anthony Hopkins) fights against the Spanish in the Mexican War of Independence as Zorro, a mysterious swordsman who defends the Mexican peasants and commoners of Las Californias. Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson), the governor of the region, learns of De La Vega's alter ego, and attempts to arrest him. De La Vega's wife is killed during the scuffle. Montero imprisons De La Vega and takes his infant daughter, Eléna, as his own. Twenty years later Montero returns to California as a civilian, alongside Eléna (Catherine Zeta Jones), who has grown into a beautiful woman. Montero's reappearance coincides with De La Vega's escape from prison. He encounters a thief, Alejandro Murrieta (Antonio Banderas), who, as a child, once did Zorro a favor. De La Vega decides that fate has brought them together, and agrees to make Alejandro his protégé, grooming him to be the new Zorro. Murrieta agrees to undergo De La Vega's training regimen in order to be able to take revenge on Captain Harrison Love (Matt Letscher), Montero's right-hand man, who was responsible for killing Murrieta's brother. While still being trained, Murrieta steals a black stallion resembling Tornado from the local garrison. De La Vega scolds Murrieta, claiming that Zorro was a servant of the people, not a thief and adventurer. He challenges Alejandro to gain Montero's trust instead. Murrieta poses as visiting nobleman named Don Alejandro del Castillo y García, with De La Vega as his servant, and attends a party at Montero's hacienda. At the party he gains Eléna's admiration and enough of Montero's trust to be invited to a secret meeting where several other noblemen are present. Montero hints at a plan to retake California for the Dons by buying it from General Santa Anna, who needs money to fund his upcoming war with the United States. Montero takes Murrieta and the noblemen to a secret gold mine known as "El Dorado", where peasants and prisoners are used for slave labor. Montero plans to buy California from Santa Anna using gold mined from Santa Anna's own land. De La Vega uses this opportunity to become closer to Eléna, though he identifies himself as "Bernardo" the servant, learning that Montero told Eléna that her mother died in childbirth. While walking in a market, Eléna meets the woman who was her nanny. De La Vega sends Murrieta, dressed as Zorro, to steal Montero's map leading to the gold mine. Zorro duels Montero, Love, and their guards at the hacienda. When Zorro escapes, Eléna attempts to retrieve Montero's map from the swordsman, but he seduces her, leading to a passionate kiss before he flees.
    180 2,258
    1998,USA,Germany, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Western,
  • Watch The Rounders Movie Online
    Watch The Rounders Movie Online
    1965, Comedy, Western, The Rounders Movie Online Ben Jones (Glenn Ford) and Marion 'Howdy' Lewis (Henry Fonda) are two easygoing, modern-day cowboys who make a meager living breaking wild horses. Their frequent employer is Jim Ed Love (Chill Wills), a shrewd businessman who always gets the better of them. After they bring him a string of tamed horses and spend the winter rounding up stray cows, he talks them into taking a nondescript roan horse in lieu of some of their wages. Ben finds (to his great and frequent discomfort) that the horse is unrideable. Rather than turning it into soap or dog food, he comes up with the bright idea of taking it to a rodeo and betting other cowhands they cannot ride it, thereby doubling their earnings. Along the way, the duo stop to help two none-too-bright strippers, Mary (Sue Ane Langdon) and Sister (Hope Holiday), with their car, which has broken down. Not knowing much about cars, they give them a ride to the nearest garage, but end up getting to know them better (going skinny dipping with them) and taking them along to the rodeo.
    241 2,258
    1965,USA, Comedy, Western,
  • Watch Ronin Movie Online
    Watch Ronin Movie Online
    1998, Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Ronin Movie Online At a bistro in the Montmartre district of Paris, IRA operative Deirdre (Natascha McElhone) meets with ex-special operatives-turned mercenaries Sam (Robert De Niro), Larry (Skipp Sudduth), and Vincent (Jean Reno), and takes them to a warehouse where fellow mercenaries Gregor (Stellan Skarsgård) and Spence (Sean Bean) are waiting. There, Deirdre briefs the men on their mission: that they have been hired to attack a heavily armed convoy and steal a large metallic briefcase, the contents of which are not revealed. As the team prepares, Deirdre meets with her ex-IRA handler, Seamus (Jonathan Pryce), who reveals that the Russian mob is bidding for the case and the team must intervene. After Spence is exposed as a fraud by Sam and summarily dismissed, the others depart for Nice. Sam and Deirdre develop an attraction to each other during a stakeout. On the day of the sale, Deirdre's team ambush the convoy at La Turbie and pursue the survivors back to Nice. After a gun battle at the port, Gregor steals the case and disappears. Gregor tries to sell the case to the Russians, but he is forced to kill his contact when he betrays him. He then contacts Mikhi (Féodor Atkine), the Russian mobster in charge of the deal, and makes him agree to another meeting. The rest of the team later track Gregor through one of Sam's old CIA contacts and corner him in the Arles Amphitheatre, where he is meeting two of Mikhi's men. Gregor flees but is captured by Seamus, who kills Larry and escapes with Deirdre. Sam gets shot saving Vincent's life and is taken to a villa in Les Baux-de-Provence owned by Vincent's friend Jean-Pierre (Michael Lonsdale). After removing the bullet and letting Sam recuperate, Vincent asks Jean-Pierre to help them locate Gregor and the Irish. Back in Paris, Gregor is brutally interrogated into leading Seamus and Deirdre to a post office, where they retrieve the case. Sam and Vincent pursue them in a high-speed chase, which ends when Vincent shoots out Deirdre's tires and sends her car over a highway overpass. Gregor flees with the case while bystanders save Deirdre and Seamus from the burning vehicle. Sam and Vincent then decide to track down the Russians and learn from one of Jean-Pierre's contacts that they are involved with figure skater Natacha Kirilova (Katarina Witt), who is appearing at Le Zénith arena.
    186 2,258
    1998,UK,France,USA, Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller,
  • Watch One on One Movie Online
    Watch One on One Movie Online
    1977, Drama, Sport, One on One Movie Online Henry Steele is a basketball phenom at his small town high school, but when he matriculates to a big city university on a scholarship, soon realizes that he has few skills outside the sport. Expected by his coach to contribute significantly to the team, Henry is overwhelmed by the demands on his time, the "big business" aspect of college sports, and the fact that he never fully learned to read. Things look bleak for Henry when Janet Hays, a pretty graduate student, is assigned as Henry's tutor. Her intellect and strength lift Henry out of his doldrums just in time to battle the coach, who attempts to rescind Henry's scholarship.
    138 2,258
    1977,USA, Drama, Sport,
  • Watch Neo Ned Movie Online
    Watch Neo Ned Movie Online
    2005, Drama, Romance, Neo Ned Movie Online Neo Ned is a 2005 romance drama film starring Jeremy Renner, Gabrielle Union, Sally Kirkland, Cary Elwes, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Ethan Suplee. It was written by Tim Boughn and directed by Van Fischer. Like most kids, Ned idolized his father and dreamed of following in his footsteps. Unfortunately, his father was a two-bit crook who spent most of his life in jail. Without a family of his own, Ned falls in with the Aryan Brotherhood. Soon after, Ned is placed in a mental hospital where he is mesmerized by a young black girl who believes Adolf Hitler was reincarnated in her. What follows is a gritty character study and poignant love story of two people brought together by a seemingly impossible connection. As a result of that connection, they both find that there is more to a person than what is on the surface.
    218 2,258
    2005,USA, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch The Run of the Country Movie Online
    Watch The Run of the Country Movie Online
    1995, Drama, Romance, The Run of the Country Movie Online The Run of the Country tells of a political and generational conflict in a teen romance and coming-of-age story in Ireland. Albert Finney stars as a policeman in a small County Cavan village just south of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. The sergeant, with nothing to do, hopes for just one murder to solve and make himself famous. His real concern, however, is that his relationship with his 18-year-old son Danny (Matt Keeslar) has been strained since the recent death of his wife from a heart attack during a domestic quarrel. Danny blames his father for his mother's death and resents his father's bullying ways, so he moves in with his best friend Prunty (Anthony Brophy). Danny then falls in love with Annagh (Victoria Smurfit), a beautiful, red-haired northerner, and their relationship, which becomes sexual, brings Danny's conflict with his headstrong father to a boil. Novelist Shane Connaughton, who also wrote My Left Foot (1989) and The Playboys (1992), adapted the script from his novel.
    141 2,258
    1995,Ireland,USA, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch Run of the Arrow Movie Online
    Watch Run of the Arrow Movie Online
    1957, Western, Run of the Arrow Movie Online A Rebel vet, O'Meara has refused to surrender when Lee does at Appomattox. O'Meara travels west and after escaping from, he joins the Sioux and takes a wife. After denouncing himself as an American, he must make a choice when the Army and Sioux go to battle.
    169 2,258
    1957,USA, Western,
  • Watch Runoff Movie Online
    Watch Runoff Movie Online
    2014, Drama, Runoff Movie Online The beauty of the land cannot mask the brutality of a farm town. As harvest draws near, Betty confronts a terrifying new reality and will go to desperate lengths to save her family when they are threatened with being forced from their land.
    156 2,258
    2014,USA, Drama,
  • Watch Trois Movie Online
    Watch Trois Movie Online
    2000, Romance, Thriller, Trois Movie Online Jermaine, a young struggling Atlanta lawyer, decides to spruce up his marriage with Jasmine, who's mentally recovering from an abusive previous relationship, by hiring Jade, a bisexual stripper/prostitute fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband for their four-year-old son, for a threesome menage-a-trois get together only to have all three of them suffer the after-affects when Jermaine begins acting possessive towards Jasmine and Jade which leads to Jade (or someone) stalking him and disrupting his private and professional life.
    230 2,258
    2000,USA, Romance, Thriller,
  • Watch Trois 3: The Escort Movie Online
    Watch Trois 3: The Escort Movie Online
    2004, Drama, Thriller, Trois 3: The Escort Movie Online Trenton Myer is an intelligent, but naive college student turned hip-hop promoter who gets a little more than what he had bargained for when a failed hip-hop concert goes south. Trent turns to the world of male prostitution to pay what he owes to an underworld figure. Meanwhile, in this life of prostitution, he falls for a colleague, who turns out to be a femme fatale. When a hip-hop promoter is bailed out of a hefty debt by a club owner, he becomes one of her call boys and nearly loses his life in the process.
    303 2,258
    2004,USA, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch The Man from Elysian Fields Movie Online
    Watch The Man from Elysian Fields Movie Online
    2001, Drama, Romance, The Man from Elysian Fields Movie Online After one book that ended up in the remainder bins, novelist Byron Tiller's inability to pay the bills strains relations with his wife. Desperate for any kind of income, he meets Luther Fox, an Englishman who runs an exclusive escort service called Elysian Fields, and is offered a job. Hiding his new employment from his wife, Byron finds that one of his clients, Andrea, is married to a much-older, ill Pulitzer Prize-winning author whom Tiller greatly admires. Complications develop as he develops a relationship with the author, essentially cowriting his latest book. Tiller faces new challenges as he tries to separate a professional obligation to the wife, his client, from a professional interest and responsibility to a fellow writer, her spouse.
    142 2,258
    2001,USA, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch The Escort Movie Online
    Watch The Escort Movie Online
    2015, Comedy, The Escort Movie Online Desperate for a good story, a sex-addicted journalist throws himself into the world of high-class escorts when he starts following a Stanford-educated prostitute.
    171 2,258
    2015,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Hey Arnold! The Movie Movie Online
    Watch Hey Arnold! The Movie Movie Online
    2002, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Hey Arnold! The Movie Movie Online Arriving home from a basketball game, Arnold and his best friend Gerald learn that a man named Scheck, the CEO of FutureTech Industries (FTI), has announced plans to redevelop the entire neighborhood as a luxurious high-rise shopping mall. That night, Helga discovers that her father, Big Bob, is working with FTI to build a new super-sized branch of his beeper store in the proposed mall. Helga tells her father that their neighbors are going to suffer if he builds his store. Big Bob argues that his store is a good thing, because the Patakis will become extremely wealthy. Helga ultimately sides with her father, though is hesitant to do so due to her love for Arnold. Arnold hosts a protest rally against FTI. However, their permit is stolen by Scheck's employees, and the protest is subsequently declared illegal. The failure of the rally encourages many of Arnold's neighbors to give up and sell their homes to FTI. As the residents begin packing their belongings, Grandpa Phil tells the story of the "Tomato Incident", a major Revolutionary War battle fought in the city. Arnold learns from a local historian that the neighborhood was declared a historic district after the war, effectively ensuring its preservation, but that the legal documents granting it landmark status had been sold to a collector, who is none other than Scheck himself. When confronted, however, he denies having the document and kicks Arnold and Gerald out of his office. As the boys are about to give up, Arnold gets a mysterious phone call from "Deep Voice", who informs Arnold that the document is hidden in Scheck's office safe. Arnold and Gerald manage to steal the key to the safe from Scheck's assistant Nick. Nick later notices the missing key and informs Scheck. Meanwhile, Phil and the boarders try to develop a backup plan in case Arnold fails to get the document. Phil concocts a plan to wire the storm drain tunnels beneath their street with dynamite to destroy FTI's construction equipment. Arnold and Gerald sneak back into FTI headquarters and access the safe, but the document is missing. Scheck appears from behind them with the document in his hand. He reveals that his ancestor, the leader of the British forces, was humiliated by the Tomato Incident, and that for years, Scheck has been planning to avenge his family by tearing down the neighborhood and replacing it with a hulking building carrying the Scheck name. He then burns the document to ensure that his plans will proceed, before summoning his guards to get rid of Arnold and Gerald. They manage to escape, but believe they have failed, until Arnold is able to obtain FTI security-camera footage of Scheck burning the document.
    241 2,258
    2002,USA, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family,
  • Watch The Cheshire Murders Movie Online
    Watch The Cheshire Murders Movie Online
    2013, Documentary, Crime, History, The Cheshire Murders.In the quiet suburb of Cheshire, Connecticut, Jennifer Petit and her two young daughters were killed in a horrific home invasion; husband and father William Petit was the only one who escaped alive. This gripping film explores the events of that shocking triple homicide that rocked the town and set off a politically charged death-penalty trial. The result is a disturbing revelation of police failures and untold personal dramas that point out the biggest tragedy of all: the crime could have been prevented at many turns.
    205 2,258
    2013,USA, Documentary, Crime, History,
  • Watch Angel Face Movie Online
    Watch Angel Face Movie Online
    1952, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller, Angel Face Movie Online Frank and Bill, two Beverly Hills ambulance drivers, arrive at the Tremayne mansion, where Catherine Tremayne has been affected by gas poisoning, but has already been treated by the police. When Frank tries to reassure Catherine’s stepdaughter, Diane, she becomes hysterical, causing them to trade slaps. After they leave, Diane follows Frank to a diner, where they flirt and decide to go to dinner, in spite of Frank having a girlfriend, Mary. Over the course of dinner, Diane tells Frank about her father, and Frank tells her about Mary. We learn that Frank had been a race-car driver, and that Mary was saving up money in order to help Frank to buy his own garage. The following day, Diane meets with Mary under the pretense of contributing to Frank’s garage, but in reality she wants to make Mary jealous by letting it slip that they had dinner the prior evening. As Mary loses confidence in Frank and agrees to go out with an old boyfriend, Bill, Frank tracks down Diane to berate her about speaking to Mary, but when she offers Frank the chance to drive her sportscar in an upcoming race, Frank forgets about what she has done. Following this, she convinces her parents to hire Frank as their chauffeur. She further ingratiates herself to Frank by getting Catherine to agree to listen to Frank’s proposal about the garage. The two begin a romantic involvement. While Catherine is awaiting advice on Frank’s proposal from her attorney, Diane lies to Frank, telling him that Catherine wants nothing to do with the project. She further attempts to alienate Frank from Catherine by telling him that she would fire Frank if she ever found out about his and Diane’s romance. When Frank tries to assuage her fears, she tells him that Catherine would take it out on her sickly father, if she felt she was being defied, and to prove her point, tells Frank that Catherine even attempted to kill Diane by turning on the gas in the fireplace. Frank is unsure as to what to believe, but thinks that Diane is just a bit crazy. Frank goes to Mary and says that he is getting out of the Tremayne situation, both as a job and his romantic entanglement, after which they reconcile. But when he goes back to the Tremayne estate to get his gear, Diane plays the pity card, crying and begging him to run away with her. While he won’t agree to that, he is confused enough to agree to stay for a few days until he can figure out what he’s feeling, but he is no longer going to work as the chauffeur.
    174 2,258
    1952,USA, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller,
  • Watch The Face of an Angel Movie Online
    Watch The Face of an Angel Movie Online
    2014, Drama, The Face of an Angel Movie Online The Face of an Angel is a 2014 British psychological thriller film directed by Michael Winterbottom and written by Paul Viragh, inspired by the book Angel Face, drawn from crime coverage by Newsweek/Daily Beast writer Barbie Latza Nadeau. The film stars Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Brühl, and Cara Delevingne.
    160 2,258
    2014,UK,Italy,Spain, Drama,
  • Watch Reign of Fire Movie Online
    Watch Reign of Fire Movie Online
    2002, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Reign of Fire Movie Online Shortly after the dawn of the new millennium, during construction on the London Underground, workers penetrate an underground cave. A huge dragon emerges from hibernation, incinerating the workers with its flaming breath. The only survivor is a boy, Quinn Abercromby (Ben Thornton), whose mother Karen (Alice Krige) is the construction crew chief; Karen is crushed to death while protecting Quinn as the dragon climbs to the surface. It flies out of the Underground and more dragons appear, multiplying rapidly. Shown in newspaper clippings and a voiceover, scientists discover that dragons are a lost species responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs by incinerating them and eating their ash, as well as ice ages. The dragons are speculated to hibernate after destroying most of the Earth's creatures until the planet repopulates. After the dragons' awakening humanity resists militarily, including a 2010 use of nuclear weapons; this, however, hastens the destruction and within a few years humans are nearly extinct. In 2020, Quinn (Christian Bale) leads a community of survivors in a Northumberland castle who are starving while their crops ripen. Although most trust him, some are restless and defiant. Eddie (David Kennedy) steals a truck to harvest tomatoes with his group, although picking them too soon will destroy next season's seeds. They are attacked by a dragon; one is killed, and the rest are surrounded by fire. Quinn, Creedy (Gerard Butler) and Jared (Scott Moutter) rescue them with old fire engines and firesuits, but as it escapes the dragon kills Eddie's son. Quinn begins to lose faith in himself. The Kentucky Irregulars, an American group led by Denton Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey), arrives with a Chieftain tank and an Agusta A109 helicopter piloted by Alex Jensen (Izabella Scorupco). Van Zan and his soldiers have a system to hunt dragons, they are able to snare dragons with nets, and he knows their weakness: poor vision before sunset. Initially distrustful, Quinn is surprised that dragons can be killed. Van Zan convinces him, and they kill the dragon who destroyed the crops. The celebration is muted by Van Zan, who lost three men. He later tells Quinn that all the dragons they have found are female, with unfertilized eggs and a metabolism so high that they live only a few months. The Americans believe there is only one male; if they kill it, reproduction will cease. Although Quinn knows about the male dragon (who killed his mother), he refuses to help since the male has destroyed all pursuers.
    181 2,258
    2002,USA,Ireland, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
  • Watch The Open Door Movie Online
    Watch The Open Door Movie Online
    2008, Horror, The Open Door is a 2008 Australian horror/thriller film, directed by Doc Duhame and starring Catherine Munden, Sarah Christine Smith, and Ryan Doom. Munden's character finds her vengeful wishes toward people coming true.Anjelica sits at home, angry at being grounded from going to a hip party. She tunes into a legendary pirate radio broadcast, hosted by a strange figure known as the Oracle, that only appears on the nights of the full moon. Angelica wishes ill upon her boyfriend and friends at the party along with her parents, and soon, strange sights and sounds begin, and even stranger things happen to the people around her.
    146 2,258
    2008,USA, Horror,
  • Watch Feardotcom Movie Online
    Watch Feardotcom Movie Online
    2002, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Feardotcom Movie Online Mike Black Reilly (Stephen Dorff) is an NYPD detective who is called to the scene of a mysterious death in the subway system. The victim, Polidori (Udo Kier), exhibits bleeding from his eyes and other orifices and, by the frozen look on his face, appears to have seen something horrifying before being hit by a train. Department of Health researcher Terry Huston (Natascha McElhone) is intrigued by the find as well, particularly when several more victims show up with identical symptoms. When a contagious virus is ruled out, Terry and Mike team up to discover what might be killing these people. Initially they were unable to find anything to connect the deaths together, after some more digging for clues they eventually discover that all of the victims' computers crashed shortly before their passings. They send each of the victims hard drives to Mike's friend, Denise Stone (Amelia Curtis), who is a forensic specialist. Denise discovers that all of the victims had visited a website called Feardotcom which depicts voyeuristic torture murder. Upon looking at the site herself, Denise is subjected to various sights and sounds of torture that eventually drive her crazy and result in her falling to her death from her apartment window. Mike feels guilty, thinking that he should have never gotten Denise involved in the case. Terry figures out that people who visit the website die within 48 hours, apparently from what they feared most in their lives. Despite such dangerous knowledge, both she and Mike visit the site in order to figure out what is happening. As they begin to experience paranoia and hallucinations (like the deceased), including that of a young girl and her inflatable ball, they race against time to figure out if any of it has any connection to an extremely vicious serial killer, Alistair "The Doctor" Pratt (Stephen Rea), who's been eluding Mike for years.
    175 2,258
    2002,UK,Germany,Luxembourg,USA,Canada, Crime, Horror, Thriller,
  • Watch Stealing Harvard Movie Online
    Watch Stealing Harvard Movie Online
    2002, Comedy, Crime, Stealing Harvard Movie Online John Plummer (Jason Lee) is engaged to Elaine (Leslie Mann), and intends to use his life savings of $30,000 to put a down payment on a house. He works for Elain's father, Mr. Warner (Dennis Farina), who already considers John unworthy of his daughter. Simultaneously, John's niece Noreen (Tammy Blanchard), daughter of John's sister, Patty (Megan Mullally), is accepted to Harvard University, but needs an additional $30,000 on top of her grants and scholarships. Noreen shows John an old videotape where he promised to pay for Noreen's college. John now has a moral and financial dilemma – disappoint his fiancée or disappoint his niece and take away her only chance to escape from poverty. John confides in his friend Walter "Duff" Duffy (Tom Green). Duff, a landscaper, convinces John to steal from one of his rich landscaping clients, who keeps large amounts of cash in an unlocked safe. The pair set off to steal the cash, but Duff runs away when lights come on in the home, leaving John to get caught by Emmett Cook (Richard Jenkins). Cook forces John to cross-dress and role-play the part of Cook's late wife as the two men lie in bed and "spoon". Eventually, after taking an incriminating photograph of John, Cook releases him. As he is leaving, Mr. Warner rides by and takes note of John's panicked behavior, believing that he has caught John in an affair. Further capers ensue as John and Duff try to rob a liquor store and later attempt to con a drug lord out of $30,000 by concocting a phony story about running an ecstasy ring. A police detective (John C. McGinley) is on to John and Duff, but never has enough evidence to actually pin any of the crimes on them. Meanwhile, Mr. Warner breaks into Cook's residence in order to get evidence against John, and once Cook catches him, he is forced to "spoon" as well. Before leaving, Warner finds the photo of John from the album, which he then gives to Elaine. John is forced to confess everything to Elaine. Not only is she not upset with John, but she now respects and admires him far more for the lengths he was willing to go to in order to provide for her, spare her feelings and send his niece to Harvard. Elaine then confides in John that her wealthy father keeps a great deal of money at his business, and that it would be easy for them to steal it. John, Elaine, and Duff set out to rob the business in the night. Unfortunately, Mr. Warner had hid his dog Rex inside the vault. Rex latches on to Duff and does not let go. Just as John and Elaine find the money, Mr. Warner tries to attack them but he is caught by the detective who mistakes him for a burglar. John and Elaine escape to Duff's van. The police arrive and the gang unsuccessfully tries to get away. They are all taken into custody by the detective and facing a series of charges including breaking and entering and animal cruelty. John feels like his goose is cooked, until the judge in charge of his arraignment turns out to be the gun-toting Emmett Cook.
    178 2,258
    2002,USA, Comedy, Crime,

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