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  • Watch St. Elmos Fire Movie Online
    Watch St. Elmos Fire Movie Online
    1985, Drama, Romance, St. Elmos Fire Movie Online Recent graduates of Georgetown University Alec, girlfriend Leslie, Kevin, Jules, and Kirby are waiting to hear about the conditions of their friends Wendy, a sweet-natured girl devoted to helping others, and Billy, a former frat boy and now reluctant husband and father, after a car accident. At the hospital, Kirby sees a medical student named Dale, with whom he has been infatuated since college. The group gathers at their favorite college hangout, St. Elmo’s Bar. Billy has been fired from the job Alec helped him secure and his marriage is unstable. At their apartment, Alec pressures Leslie to marry him, but she is convinced they are not ready. Kirby is telling Kevin of his love for Dale when Billy shows up, asking to spend the night as he cannot deal with his wife. Kevin worries about his romantic life when Jules accuses him of being gay and loving Alec. When he visits Alec and Leslie for dinner, Alec confesses to Kevin that while buying lingerie for Leslie he had sex with the saleswoman. Billy and Wendy get drunk together and Wendy reveals that she is a virgin. She and Billy kiss but Wendy insists they just remain friends, especially since she realizes Billy is taking advantage of her crush on him. During Halloween at St. Elmo’s Bar, Jules reveals to a disapproving Leslie that she is having an affair with her married boss. Billy sees his wife with another man in the crowd and attacks him. Billy is thrown out of the bar but reconciles with his wife. The girls confront Jules about the affair and her reckless spending but she insists that everything is under control. Kirby takes a job working for Mr. Kim, a wealthy Korean businessman, and invites Dale to a party he is holding at Mr. Kim’s house. Wendy arrives with Howie, a boy her parents set her up with. Alec announces that he and Leslie are engaged, upsetting Leslie. She confronts him about her suspicions of his infidelity and the two break up. Alec is also angry with Kevin, whom he believes confessed everything to Leslie. After the party, Jules gives Billy a ride home. As she is about to confide in him, Billy makes a pass at her. Furious, Jules throws him out of her car. Still pursuing Dale, Kirby drives to the ski lodge where she is staying but learns she has a boyfriend. His borrowed car becomes stuck in the snow and Dale and her boyfriend coax him to come inside. The next morning, as Kirby prepares to leave Dale’s cottage, Dale tells him she is flattered by his affections. He kisses her, and she does not resist. Kirby then takes a photo with Dale and departs the lodge, happy. Leslie goes to Kevin’s place to stay the night after the breakup and discovers photographs of her. Kevin confesses his love for her, and the two sleep together but the next morning, Alec comes by to apologize to Kevin for attacking him the night before. Alec is shocked to find Leslie there and the two argue over his infidelity.
    1754 2,258
    1985,USA, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch European Vacation Movie Online
    Watch European Vacation Movie Online
    1985, Comedy, European Vacation Movie Online The Griswold family competes in a game show called Pig in a Poke and wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe. In a whirlwind tour of western Europe, chaos of all sorts ensues. They stay in a fleabag London hotel with a sloppy, tattooed Cockney desk clerk (Mel Smith). While in their English rental car, a yellow Austin Maxi, Clark drives the family endlessly around the busy Lambeth Bridge roundabout for hours, unable to maneuver his way out of traffic. His tendency to drive on the wrong side of the road causes frequent accidents, including accidentally knocking over a bicyclist (Eric Idle), who reappears throughout the film. At Stonehenge, Clark backs the car into an ancient stone monolith, toppling all the stones like dominoes, which they do not even notice as they happily leave the scene. In Paris, the family wears stenciled beret caps, causing Rusty to be teased by young women at the Eiffel Tower observation deck. Clark offers to get rid of the beret for Rusty, but when he throws it away, another visitor's dachshund mistakes it for a Frisbee and jumps off the tower after it. Later, Rusty meets a prostitute at a bawdy Paris can-can dance show. The family's video camera is stolen by a passerby whom Clark had asked to take a picture of the family. Clark also manages to insult every native citizen with his terrible French. Next, in a German village, the Griswolds burst in on a bewildered elderly couple (Willy Millowitsch, Erika Wackernagel), who they mistakenly think are relatives but who end up providing them dinner and lodging anyway, not being able to speak each other's language. Clark manages to turn a lively Bavarian folk dance stage performance into an all-out street brawl, after which he, while fleeing hastily, knocks down several street vendors' stands and gets their Citroën DS stuck in a too-narrow medieval archway. In Rome, the Griswolds rent a car at a travel office, but unbeknownst to them, the men in charge are thieves, holding the real manager captive. The lead thief (Victor Lanoux) gives them a car with the manager in the trunk, claiming he lost the trunk keys. The next day Ellen is shocked to discover that private, sexy videos of her from the family's stolen video camera have been used in a billboard advertising a pornographic movie, leaving her completely humiliated. After screaming angrily at Clark (who had told her he had erased the video), Ellen storms off to their hotel, where she encounters the thief who rented them the car.
    1229 2,258
    1985,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Thelma & Louise Movie Online
    Watch Thelma & Louise Movie Online
    1991, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Thelma & Louise Movie Online Best friends, Thelma Dickinson (Geena Davis) and Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon), set out for a two-day fishing trip to take a break from their routine lives. Thelma is a perfect housemate, married to a controlling man, Darryl (Christopher McDonald), while Louise is a sharp-tongued waitress working in a diner, and is in an on-and-off relationship with a musician who spends most of his time on the road. They head out in Louise's 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible, but their vacation in the mountains quickly turns into a nightmare before they reach their destination. They stop for a drink at a roadhouse, where Thelma meets and dances with Harlan Puckett (Timothy Carhart). After she gets drunk, Harlan attempts to rape her in the parking lot. Louise finds them and threatens to shoot Harlan with a gun that Thelma brought with her and gave Louise to carry. Harlan stops, but as the women walk away, he yells profanity and insults them. Louise loses her temper and fires, killing him instantly. Thelma suggests they should inform the police but Louise said that because Thelma was drunk and had been dancing with Harlan all night, no one would believe her claim of attempted rape. Afraid that she will be prosecuted, Louise decides to go on the run and Thelma accompanies her. Louise is determined to travel from Oklahoma to Mexico, but refuses to go through Texas. It is revealed that something happened to her in Texas years before, but she refuses to say exactly what. Heading west, they come across an attractive young man named J.D. (Brad Pitt), and Thelma convinces Louise to let him hitch a ride with them. Louise contacts her boyfriend Jimmy Lennox (Michael Madsen) and asks him to wire transfer her life savings to her. When she goes to pick up the money, she finds that Jimmy has come to see her to deliver the money in person. Thelma invites J.D. into her room and learns he is a thief who has broken parole. They sleep together, and J.D. describes how he conducted his hold-ups. At the same time, Jimmy asks Louise to marry him, but she declines. In the morning, Thelma tells Louise about her night with J.D. When they return to the motel room, they discover J.D. has taken Louise's life savings and fled. Louise is distraught and frozen with indecision, so the guilty Thelma takes charge and robs a convenience store using the tactics she learned from listening to J.D. Meanwhile, the FBI are getting closer to catching the fugitives, after questioning J.D. and Jimmy, and tapping the phone line at Darryl's house. Detective Hal Slocumb (Harvey Keitel) discovers the traumatic event that Louise experienced years earlier in Texas. During a couple of brief phone conversations with her, he expresses sympathy for her predicament and pledges to protect her, but he is unsuccessful in his attempts to persuade her to surrender.
    1228 2,258
    1991,USA,France, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch The Joy Luck Club Movie Online
    Watch The Joy Luck Club Movie Online
    1993, Drama, The Joy Luck Club Movie Online The Joy Luck Club was formed by four women in San Francisco: Lindo Jong (Tsai Chin), Ying-Ying St. Clair (France Nuyen), An-Mei Hsu (Lisa Lu), and Suyuan Woo (Kieu Chinh). The members have mainly played mahjong and told each other's stories over the years. They emigrated from their native country, China, remarried, and gave birth to children in America. Suyuan's daughter June (Ming-Na Wen) replaced her when Suyuan died four months before the time the film is set. The mothers have high hopes for their daughters' success, but the daughters struggle through "anxieties, feelings of inadequacy, and failures." Throughout the film, the mothers and daughters bond by learning to understand each other and by overcoming their conflicts. The film begins with June's prologue tale. In the prologue, a woman (presumably Suyuan) bought a swan in China from a market vendor who was selling it as "a duck that stretched its neck a goose." She kept it as her pet and brought it to the United States. When the immigration officials took it away from her, she plucked out only a swan feather instead while she struggled to grab the swan away. For a long time, the woman had kept the feather, planning to someday give the feather to her daughter.
    963 2,258
    1993,USA,China, Drama,
  • Watch The Quick and the Undead Movie Online
    Watch The Quick and the Undead Movie Online
    2006, Action, Horror, Western, The Quick and the Undead Movie Online In the present, a plague breaks out causing the infected to become zombies. The action starts 80 years later, where the western United States has devolved into a series of ghost towns overrun by zombies. The government awards bounty hunters bounties in exchange for pinkies of the undead. Ryn Baskin (Clint Glenn) is a bounty hunter. After a successful hunt, he is robbed and left for dead by a rival gang of hunters, led by Blythe Remington (Parrish Randall), who plans to spread the plague, creating a larger bounty market. Ryn survives and follows Remington with the aid of Hans Tubman (Nicola Giacobbe), a foreigner who had double crossed Ryn. This leads him to a final confrontation not just with Blythe, but with a huge zombie army.
    1096 2,258
    2006,USA, Action, Horror, Western,
  • Watch The Quick and the Dead Movie Online
    Watch The Quick and the Dead Movie Online
    1987, Western, The Quick and the Dead Movie Online Duncan McKaskel (Tom Conti) and his wife, Susanna (Kate Capshaw), a married couple who, along with their 12 year old son, Tom (Kenny Morrison), are travelling West hoping to start a new life. They have left a cholera-stricken wagon train and, alone, arrive in a small delapidated town. Here, they meet no-good Doc Shabbitt and ask for directions. He suggests they stay in a deserted local building, but McKaskel senses danger and they leave. Shabbit decides to steal two of their horses. Con Vallian is chasing a half-breed Indian, the latest recruit to Shabbit's gang who, it transpires, Vallian has tracked for hundreds of miles for personal reasons. Vallian witnesses the homesteader's encounter with Shabbit amd turns up at the McKaskel's wagon during supper. He advises them their horses have been stolen. Against Susanna's advice, Duncan rides into town and tries to reclaim the horses. An intense gunfight ensues when Vallian, who has secretly followed him, shoots some of the Shabbit gang. When Doc Shabbitt finds that his son, who was about to shoot McKaskel in the back, has been killed, he vows to pursue the family and seek revenge. Susanna, Duncan, and Tom flee in their covered wagon, trying to keep ahead of the bandits. Vallian keeps arriving to help protect them from Shabbitt and his gang. In a confrontation with Indians, Susanna learns that her brother, an army officer, has likely been killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. As time passes, Vallian manages to kill the bandits one by one, and one absconds. The remaining four keep up their pursuit. Vallian is obviously attracted to Susanna, and she to him. Following a moment of high drama, she succumbs to his advances and they share a passionate kiss. McKaskel never learns of the kiss, but tells Vallian, who is critical of his apparent pacifism, to back off several times. Out hunting, Vallian is shot. McKaskel removes the bullet, but Vallian runs a high fever and falls on the trail. He is rescued and nursed back to health by Susanna.
    1025 2,258
    1987,USA, Western,
  • Watch The Quick and the Dead Movie Online
    Watch The Quick and the Dead Movie Online
    1995, Action, Thriller, Western, The Quick and the Dead Movie Online An unnamed gunslinger, referred to as The Lady, enters the Old West town of Redemption circa 1881 where she enters a single elimination gunfighting contest held by Redemption's ruthless leader, John Herod, a former outlaw. She meets Cort, a former Herod henchman turned reverend, whom Herod captures and forces to enter the contest; and Fee, also known as "The Kid," a brash young gun shop owner who hopes to impress Herod, whom he believes to be his father, by winning the contest. Though now a preacher, Cort is an amazingly fast and talented gunfighter, and the only man that Herod truly respects and fears. Herod covers this by treating Cort cruelly, denying him water, beating him and keeping him chained to an old fountain. In the first round of duels, The Kid defeats a Swedish quick-draw champion, while Herod kills braggart Ace Hanlon, who had taken credit for some of Herod's own accomplishments. The Lady defeats an old enemy she left shackled to a wagon, while Cort defeats one of Herod's men who thought he was getting an easy kill. Herod later learns that the townspeople have secretly hired a bounty hunter, Clay Cantrell, to enter the contest and kill him. The next day, Herod declares that all remaining duels must be to the death, then kills Cantrell when the two face off against one another. Herod angrily informs the townspeople that since they had enough money to hire Cantrell, he will raise their taxes. Later that day, during a rainstorm, the Lady duels and guns down a competitor who has sexually abused the bartender's young daughter. Flashbacks reveal that The Lady's true name is Ellen, and she had grown up in Redemption, where her father was the town's Marshal. One day Herod and his men invaded the town, killed all the deputies and tied her father to the gallows. Herod gave Ellen a gun and offered to let her shoot the rope and free him. However, she missed and killed her father instead. Seeking revenge, she has come to Redemption with the intent of killing Herod. However, an uncomfortable dinner date with Herod leaves Ellen unsure about whether or not she can go through with it and she attempts to flee. She then reunites with the town's local doctor, Wallace, who was also her father's best friend. The old man convinces her to return to Redemption and free the town from Herod.
    769 2,258
    1995,Japan,USA, Action, Thriller, Western,
  • Watch Untamed Heart Movie Online
    Watch Untamed Heart Movie Online
    1993, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Untamed Heart Movie Online Caroline (Tomei) is a young woman working as a waitress who is always unlucky in love. Adam (Slater) is a shy busboy who saves Caroline when two men try to rape her on her way home one night. She then gets to know him. They become close, but she finds out his past, and the attackers come after Adam for revenge. They end up stabbing him. While Adam is recovering in the hospital, Caroline discovers that he has a heart defect, though he claims he has a baboon heart. On his birthday she surprises him by taking him to a hockey game. Before they leave, he shows her a surprise gift he left her to be opened when they return. At the hockey game, Adam catches a stray hockey puck that is shot into the crowd. On the way home, he falls asleep and dies at the age of 27. After the funeral, Caroline opens the gift he left her. It is a box of albums with a handwritten note from Adam declaring his love for Caroline.
    940 2,258
    1993,USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance,
  • Watch Red Heart Movie Online
    Watch Red Heart Movie Online
    2011, Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Red Heart Movie Online Dumped two days before his planned proposal on the day of the Royal Wedding, well-off slacker Ben Caserley sets out to win back his girlfriend - before the wedding bells call time on their relationship.
    962 2,258
    2011,UK, Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance,
  • Watch Chained Heat Movie Online
    Watch Chained Heat Movie Online
    1983, Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Chained Heat Movie Online Linda Blair of The Exorcist stars as Carol Henderson, an immature and naive teenager who is sentenced to 18 months in a women's prison after killing a man by accident after driving drunk. Once she arrives, she meets the vicious and perverted Warden Backman (John Vernon). She also encounters the two kingpin prisoners, Ericka (Sybil Danning) and Duchess (Tamara Dobson), who are the leaders of factions in the facility's seething racial tensions. There are also the drug-dealing lesbian rapists and the prostitutes, who answer to the warden's assistant, Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens). In the meantime, Taylor's lover is clandestinely having an affair with Ericka. It's a whirlwind of dread and fury, but when the facility's corrupt administration goes too far, racial considerations are put aside as convicts of all colors and nationalities band together to fight them.
    1141 2,258
    1983,USA,West Germany, Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch Caged Heat Movie Online
    Watch Caged Heat Movie Online
    1974, Action, Drama, Caged Heat Movie Online Caged Heat (alternate title: Renegade Girls) is an exploitation film from 1974 of the "women-in-prison" film genre. It was written and directed by Jonathan Demme for New World Pictures, headed by Roger Corman. The film stars Juanita Brown, Roberta Collins, Erica Gavin, Ella Reid, Rainbeaux Smith, and Barbara Steele. John Cale wrote and performed its soundtrack music, which features the guitar playing of Mike Bloomfield. Caged Heat centers on the story of Jacqueline Wilson (Erica Gavin). Wilson is sentenced to a women's prison after her conviction on illegal drug offenses. Wilson, naturally, becomes associated with a group of fellow female convicts, and they fight against the repressive policies of the prison's warden (Barbara Steele).
    1099 2,258
    1974,USA, Action, Drama,
  • Watch Red Heat Movie Online
    Watch Red Heat Movie Online
    1985, Thriller, Red Heat Movie Online Christine Carlson (Linda Blair), an American college student, travels to West Germany to visit her fiancé Mike (William Ostrander), who is serving in the US Army there. She tries to convince him to marry her promptly, but he chooses to delay marriage in order to re-enlist. Distraught by Mike's decision, Christine takes a late-night walk where she witnesses a kidnapping by the East German Stasi and gets kidnapped herself as well. She is transported to the East Zone, where she is brutally interrogated by the Stasi, forced to admit to false charges of espionage, and thrown into a women's prison with the common criminals, including the gang leader Sofia (Sylvia Kristel), who is the prisoners' "top bitch" and has de facto control of the entire prison population. Sofia takes pleasure in brutally tormenting and harassing Christine, until the latter loses her patience and fights Sofia in a no-holds-barred brawl. Meanwhile, Mike is determined to free his beloved, and tries to get the US Army and the West German BND to help him. At first they refuse, but ultimately they reluctantly go along with his plans and help him free Christine.
    1183 2,258
    1985,West Germany,USA,Austria, Thriller,
  • Watch A Bronx Tale Movie Online
    Watch A Bronx Tale Movie Online
    1993, Crime, Drama, A Bronx Tale Movie Online In 1960, Lorenzo Anello (Robert De Niro) is raising a family: he lives in The Bronx, New York with his wife Rosina (Katherine Narducci), and his young son Calogero (Francis Capra), who takes a fascination with the local mobsters led by Sonny (Chazz Palminteri). One day Calogero witnesses a murder committed by Sonny in defense of an assaulted friend. When Calogero chooses to keep quiet when questioned by NYPD detectives, Sonny takes a liking to him and gives him the nickname "C". Sonny's men offer Lorenzo a job to make more money, but Lorenzo, preferring a law-abiding life, politely declines. Sonny, however, befriends Calogero and introduces him to his crew. Calogero earns tips amounting to $600 working in the Mafia bar and throwing dice, and is admonished harshly by Lorenzo when he discovers it. Lorenzo speaks severely to Sonny, returns the money, and warns him to keep away from Calogero. Eight years later in 1968, Calogero (now played by Lillo Brancato, Jr.) has grown into a young man and has secretly been visiting Sonny regularly without his father's knowledge. Calogero is also part of a gang of local Italian boys he grew up around, even though Sonny tries to persuade Calogero to keep away from them and focus more on his schoolwork. Later on, Calogero meets an African American girl named Jane Williams (Taral Hicks), and is smitten with her. Despite the high level of tension and dislike between Italians and African Americans, particularly amongst Calogero's friends, Calogero arranges a date with Jane. He asks for advice from both his father and Sonny; the latter lending Calogero his car. Around the same time, Calogero's friends beat up black cyclists passing through their neighborhood; Calogero is powerless to stop them but does his best to defend a young man named Willie, who turns out to be Jane's brother. Willie, however, mistakes Calogero for one of the assailants and accuses him of beating him when Calogero and Jane meet for their date. In the ensuing argument, Calogero loses his temper at Willie's lack of gratitude and responds by addressing him with a racial slur, but then instantly regrets it. Heartbroken, Jane and Willie walk back to the car and leave Calogero. At home, Calogero is confronted by his father, who saw him driving Sonny's car from the window. An argument ensues, and Calogero storms out. Suddenly, he is confronted by Sonny and his crew, who found a bomb in Sonny's car and suspected Calogero of planning to assassinate him. Calogero breaks down, proclaiming his love and dedication to Sonny, whereupon Sonny recognizes Calogero's innocence and allows him to leave. Lorenzo, who saw the mobsters roughing up Calogero, emerges to defend his son, but is held back by Sonny's men. The African American boys egg the Italian boys' usual spot in retaliation for the previous beating, and in revenge, Calogero's friends make a plan to strike back using Molotov cocktails. They take an unwilling Calogero with them but during the ride, Sonny stops the car and orders Calogero out. Calogero catches up with Jane, who tells him that Willie had since admitted that the boy who beat him up wasn't Calogero, but Willie was angry and tried to hurt Calogero by lying about him. Jane and Calogero make amends, but Calogero suddenly remembers his friends' plans to assault Jane's neighborhood, and the two rush to stop them. However, upon arriving, Calogero and Jane see the boys' car destroyed. During the assault, someone had thrown one of the Molotov cocktails back into Italian boys' car through the window, igniting the remaining bottles, causing a crash and explosion, and killing all of Calogero's friends.
    974 2,258
    1993,USA, Crime, Drama,
  • Watch Sporting Blood Movie Online
    Watch Sporting Blood Movie Online
    1931, Drama, Romance, Sport, Sporting Blood Movie Online Gambler Rid Riddell works for Tip Scanlon, a crooked gambler, who buys Tommy-Boy, a racehorse from a wealthy man whose spoiled wife loses interest. Tip and Rid consistently win with the horse in both honestly and dishonestly run races. But before long, Tommy Boy loses a race he wasn't supposed to, and the mob is after Tip. Tip is murdered but not before giving Tommy Boy to his girl friend who sets out to rehabilitate herself and the horse. The horse rebounds. After an attempt at sabotage, the horse wins the Kentucky Derby and Rid wins the girl.
    767 2,258
    1931,USA, Drama, Romance, Sport,
  • Watch Tommy Boy Movie Online
    Watch Tommy Boy Movie Online
    1995, Comedy, Tommy Boy Movie Online After seven years at college, Thomas R. "Tommy" Callahan III (Chris Farley) barely graduates from Marquette University and returns to his hometown of Sandusky, Ohio. His father, industrialist and widower Thomas R. "Big Tom" Callahan, Jr. (Brian Dennehy), gives him an executive job at the family's auto parts plant, Callahan Auto. In addition to the new job and office, Big Tom reveals that he plans to marry Beverly Barrish-Burns (Bo Derek), a woman he had met at a fat farm, and that her son, Paul (Rob Lowe), will become Tommy's new stepbrother. At the wedding, Big Tom suddenly dies of a heart attack. After the funeral, doubting the future of the company without Big Tom, the bank reneges on promises of a loan for a new brake pad division and seeks immediate payment of Callahan Auto's debts. Ray Zalinsky (Dan Aykroyd), owner and operator of rival automotive parts company, Zalinsky Auto Parts, offers to buy them out while the company's shares are high, but Tommy suggests a deal: he will let the bank hold his inherited shares and house in exchange for helping the sales of brake pads going. The bank agrees, but they also want the company to prove it still has viability by selling 500,000 brake pads. If they fail, the bank will foreclose, but if they succeed, the bank will underwrite Big Tom's brake pad venture. Tommy volunteers to go on a cross-country sales trip with his father's sycophantic assistant, Richard Hayden (David Spade), a childhood acquaintance who has a particularly antagonistic relationship with Tommy. Meanwhile, Beverly and Paul are shown kissing romantically. They are not mother and son, but rather married con artists with criminal records. Paul thinks death is ideal, since their original plan was to eventually divorce Big Tom and take half of his estate, but Beverly thinks they are in trouble, as Big Tom only left her the controlling interest in Callahan Auto, which may evaporate. She authorizes the quick sale to Zalinsky to make a fast buck. On the road, Tommy's social anxiety and hyperactivity alienate numerous potential buyers. The lack of any progress leads to tension between Tommy and Richard. Additionally, the duo encounters a variety of incidents that lead to the near destruction of Richard's car. When all seems lost, Tommy persuades a surly waitress to serve him chicken wings after the kitchen closes. Richard realizes that Tommy has the ability to read people, just like his father, and suggests this is how he should sell. The two mend their friendship and start to sell effectively to numerous automotive plants, eventually putting them over the half million mark.
    1060 2,258
    1995,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Children of the X-Files Movie Online
    Watch Children of the X-Files Movie Online
    2009, Horror, Sci-Fi, Children of the X-Files Movie Online Peter has it all, a fabulous home, a beautiful wife, and a successful career, until he discovers his wife, Kendra, is having an affair with an Alien. He must race against UFOs and Men In Black to find Kendra before she causes an apocalypse.
    847 2,258
    2009,USA, Horror, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch The X Files Movie Online
    Watch The X Files Movie Online
    1998, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, The X Files Movie Online The film opens in what will become North Texas, 35,000 BC. Entering a cave, a hunter stumbles upon a large extraterrestrial lifeform. They fight and the caveman wins, stabbing the creature to death, but he is also infected by a black oil-like substance which crawls into his skin. In 1998, in the same area, when a group of boys are digging a deep hole, a young boy named Stevie (Lucas Black) falls down the hole and finds a human skull. As he holds it, black oil seeps into his body until it reaches his head, causing his eyes to turn black. Four firefighters descend into the hole to rescue him but do not come out. A team of biohazard-suited men arrives on the scene. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) have been assigned to other projects since the closure of the X-Files. They are helping investigate a bomb threat against a federal building in Dallas. Mulder inspects a building across the street from the supposed target and discovers the bomb in a vending machine. Special Agent in Charge Darius Michaud (Terry O'Quinn) stays behind to disarm the bomb as Mulder and Scully evacuate the building. Unknown to the agents, Michaud makes no effort to disarm the bomb, which detonates. Returning to Washington, D.C., Mulder and Scully are chastised because, in addition to Michaud, four people were apparently still in the building during the bombing. There are scheduled separate hearings at which their job performances will be evaluated. That evening, Mulder encounters a paranoid doctor, Alvin Kurtzweil (Martin Landau), who explains that the four victims were already dead, and that the bomb was allowed to detonate in order to destroy evidence of how they died. At the hospital morgue, Scully is able to examine one of the victims, finding evidence of an alien virus. Mulder and Scully travel to the crime scene in Texas. They come across a strange train hauling tanker trucks and they follow it to a large cornfield surrounding two glowing domes. They enter the domes, only to find them empty. Suddenly, grates leading to an underground area open in the floor and a swarm of bees chases the agents out into the cornfield. Black helicopters appear and begin to chase them, but they escape and head back to Washington.
    794 2,258
    1998,USA, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
  • Watch Defending Your Life Movie Online
    Watch Defending Your Life Movie Online
    1991, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Defending Your Life is a 1991 romantic comedy-fantasy film about a man who dies and arrives in the afterlife only to find that he must stand trial and justify his lifelong fears in order to advance to the next phase of life; or be sent back to earth to do it again. The film was written by, directed by, and stars Albert Brooks. It also stars Meryl Streep, Rip Torn, Lee Grant, and Buck Henry.The film was shot in and around Los Angeles, California. Despite its comedic overtones, Defending Your Life contains elements of drama and allegory.Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks), a 40-year-old Los Angeles advertising executive, dies in a car accident on his birthday and is sent to the afterlife. He arrives in Judgment City, a Heaven-like waiting area populated by the recently deceased of the western half of the United States, where he is to undergo the process of having his life on earth judged. Daniel and the rest of the recently deceased are offered many Earth-like amenities and activities in the city while they undergo their judgment processes—from all-you-can-eat restaurants (which cause no weight gain and serve the best food), to bowling alleys and comedy clubs.
    786 2,258
    1991,USA, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy,
  • Watch RoboCop 3 Movie Online
    Watch RoboCop 3 Movie Online
    1993, Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, RoboCop 3 Movie Online In the near future, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is on the verge of bankruptcy after a series of failed business plans, and are now struggling with their plans to create the new Delta City. To speed up the process, OCP creates an armed force called the Urban Rehabilitators, nick-named "Rehabs," under the command of Paul McDaggett (John Castle). Ostensibly its purpose is to combat rising crime in Old Detroit, augmenting the ranks of the Detroit Police Department in apprehending violent criminals. In reality, it has been set up to forcibly relocate the residents of Cadillac Heights. Nikko, a Japanese-American computer whiz kid loses her parents in the process. The police force is gradually superseded by the Rehabs, and violent crime begins to spiral out of control. The Delta City dream of the former OCP CEO, "Old Man", lives on with the help of the Japanese zaibatsu Kanemitsu Corporation, which has bought a controlling stake in OCP and is trying to finance the plan. Kanemitsu (Mako), CEO of the Kanemitsu Corporation sees the potential in the citywide redevelopment, and moves forward with the plans to remove the current citizens. The company develops and uses its own ninja androids called "Otomo" to help McDaggett and the new OCP president (Rip Torn) overcome the resistance of anti-OCP militia forces. RoboCop (Burke) and partner Anne Lewis (Allen) try to defend civilians from the Rehabs one night, but Lewis is mortally wounded by McDaggett and eventually dies. Unable to fight back because of his "Fourth Directive" programming, RoboCop is saved by members of a resistance movement composed of Nikko and residents from Cadillac Heights and eventually joins them. Due to severe damage sustained in the shoot-out, RoboCop's systems efficiency plummets, and he asks the resistance to summon Dr. Lazarus, one of the scientists who created him. Upon arrival she begins to treat him, deleting the Fourth Directive in the process. During an earlier raid on an armory, the resistance picked up a jet-pack prototype, originally intended for RoboCop's use, which Lazarus modifies and upgrades to hold RoboCop. After recovering from his injuries, RoboCop conducts a one-man campaign against the Rehabs and OCP. He finds McDaggett and attempts to subdue him, but McDaggett is able to escape. McDaggett then obtains information from a disgruntled resistance member (Stephen Root) regarding the location of the resistance fighters' base. The Rehabs attack and most of the resistance members are either killed or taken prisoner. RoboCop returns to the rebel base to find it abandoned. One Otomo unit arrives and attacks him. RoboCop experiences another power drain and his left arm is destroyed, but eventually he is able to overcome his opponent with his arm-mounted gun. Nikko infiltrates the OCP building and assists a captured Lazarus in broadcasting an improvised video, revealing OCP's responsibility for the criminality in the city and implicating them in the removal and killing of the Cadillac Heights residents. The broadcast causes OCP's stock to plunge, driving the company into financial ruin and bankruptcy.
    1198 2,258
    1993,USA, Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Men of War Movie Online
    Watch Men of War Movie Online
    1994, Action, Drama, Thriller, Men of War is a 1994 action film directed by Perry Lang, written by John Sayles, and revised by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris. It stars Dolph Lundgren as Nick Gunar, a former Special Ops soldier who leads a group of mercenaries to a treasure island in the South China Sea.Nick Gunar, an ex-soldier, is down and out in Chicago in a typically cold winter. When two men offer him a job on a tropical island, he reluctantly agrees and gathers together a group of soldier friends also down on their luck. They arrive in the Far East and come up against the evil Keefer, who was with Nick in Angola. He now owns the local police force and shows Nick and the others who's boss. Afterwards, Nick and his crew go to the island, which they find is occupied by peaceful natives--natives who the mercenaries are supposed to convince to abandon the island. Nick respects them, but there is friction caused by a few mercenaries who want to kill natives to persuade them to leave, or, alternatively, to get them to divulge where a suspected treasure might be. Nick stops them and finds out the "treasure" they are after is guano (which does have value in sufficient quantities). The two men paying the mercenaries intend to strip mine the island to get it, leaving the natives and their homes as casualties. The group divides up, with half wishing to finish the job for which they were paid, and the other half, led by Nick, wishing to protect the islanders. Nick hands the former group their pay and orders them to leave the island as he refuses to kill the natives to do the job.
    735 2,258
    1994,USA,Spain, Action, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch RoboCop 2 Movie Online
    Watch RoboCop 2 Movie Online
    1990, Action, Sci-Fi, RoboCop 2 Movie Online In the year after the success of the RoboCop program and Jones's death, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) has created a new plan to have Detroit default on its debt so that OCP can foreclose on the entire city, take over its government, and replace the old neighborhoods with Delta City, a new planned city center independent of the United States government, enabling them to effectively have an entire city to be controlled by OCP. Due to the effectiveness of the RoboCop program, the Delta City project is free to proceed. To rally public opinion behind urban redevelopment and to get a public positive reaction of constructing Delta City, OCP sparks an increase in street crime by terminating police pension plans and cutting salaries, fomenting a police strike, which they are legally allowed to do since OCP was granted power over the Detroit police force. RoboCop is unable to strike due to his directives and remains on duty with his partner, Anne Lewis. Meanwhile, the Security Concepts division of OCP continues to sink millions into the development of a more advanced "RoboCop 2" in order to replace the original RoboCop and to be able to mass-produce RoboCop to be allowed to replace the police officers. Each attempt ends in disaster - all of the formerly deceased officers picked for the project committed suicide, unable to deal with the loss of their organic bodies. Dr. Juliette Faxx, an unscrupulous company psychologist, concludes that Alex Murphy's strong sense of duty and his moral objection to suicide were the reasons behind his ability to adapt to his resurrection as the original RoboCop. Faxx convinces the Old Man to let her control the entire project, this time using a criminal with a desire for power and immortality, to the objection of the other executives on the project, fearing that a criminal could not be turned into a cop. Meanwhile, a new designer drug called "Nuke" has been plaguing the streets of Detroit. The distributor, Cain, believes that Nuke is the way to paradise, and he is obsessed with power and is opposing the Delta City plan; he fears that he will lose his market if the city is redeveloped. He is assisted by his girlfriend Angie, his juvenile apprentice Hob, and corrupt police officer Duffy, who is addicted to Nuke. Having beaten Cain's location out of Duffy, RoboCop confronts Cain and his gang at an abandoned construction site. The criminals overwhelm Murphy and disassemble his body, dumping all of the pieces in front of his precinct. Cain has Duffy killed for revealing their location. Murphy is repaired, but Faxx reprograms him with over 300 new directives to "improve public relations". The new directives compromise his ability to perform his normal duties, since he cannot attack suspects and must be friendly at all times, among other restrictions. When one of his original technicians suggests that a massive electrical charge might reboot his system and restore his original programming, Murphy connects to a high voltage transformer. The charge erases all of his directives, including his original ones, allowing him to be in a complete control of himself and out of OCP's control. Murphy motivates the picketing officers to aid him in raiding Cain's hideout. Cain is badly injured while making a getaway, and Hob takes control. Faxx selects Cain for the RoboCop 2 project, believing she can control him through his Nuke addiction.
    857 2,258
    1990,USA, Action, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business Movie Online
    Watch Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business Movie Online
    1999, Action, Sci-Fi, Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business Movie Online Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business is a 1999 direct-to-video science fiction film. It was produced (with Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms) as a miniseries for a potential TV series. Like Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms, none of the actors or crew of the original returned, but all the cast and crew from the first sequel are present. In 1999, a theatrical sequel starring Jean-Claude Van Damme again, Universal Soldier: The Return, ignored the plotline of the two sequels. Luc Devereaux (Matt Battaglia) and Veronica Roberts (Chandra West) continue their attempts to expose the Universal Soldier unit. After a hostage situation mistakenly leaves Veronica a fugitive, the two escape the city and go into hiding.
    775 2,258
    1999,Canada, Action, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch City Slickers II: The Legend of Curlys Gold Movie Online
    Watch City Slickers II: The Legend of Curlys Gold Movie Online
    1994, Comedy, City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold is a 1994 comedy film directed by Paul Weiland. It is the sequel to City Slickers (1991) and stars Billy Crystal, Jack Palance, Jon Lovitz and Daniel Stern.Although a mild financial success, the film did not reach the popularity of the first, receiving a generally negative response (a 19% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes). It was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Remake or Sequel.A year after the events of the first film, Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) is a much happier and livelier man, having moved out of the city and become station manager at the New York radio station where he works, where he has employed his best friend, Phil Berquist (Daniel Stern). However, he is being plagued with nightmares about his deceased friend, Curly, and comes to believe that he may still be alive. On his 40th birthday, Mitch sees a man resembling Curly on the train, which does nothing to placate his worries, and later finds a treasure map belonging to Lincoln Washburn hidden in Curly's old hat, albeit with a missing corner. Mitch and Phil investigate the contents of the map in the public library and learn that Lincoln Washburn, Curly's father, was a train robber in the Old West and in 1908 infamously stole and hid one million dollars in the deserts near Las Vegas. With an impending trip to Las Vegas for a convention, Mitch decides to venture out to find the gold (which would now be worth twenty million) along with Phil and his estranged younger brother, Glen (Jon Lovitz).
    673 2,258
    1994,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms Movie Online
    Watch Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms Movie Online
    1998, Action, Sci-Fi, Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms Movie Online Following the events of the original Universal Soldier, the budget of the program has been cut by the government. However, under the orders of a CIA director, a gang of mercenaries take control of the new line of Universal Soldiers to use them in the diamond smuggling business. Luc Deveraux (now played by Matt Battaglia), survivor of the first incident with the Universal Soldiers, continues to cause problems, the enemy takes his newly found brother and news reporter Veronica Roberts prisoners. The Universal Soldiers are used to smuggle diamonds for a CIA Director, but Luc Deveroux continues to cause him problems.
    802 2,258
    1998,Canada, Action, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch Universal Soldiers Movie Online
    Watch Universal Soldiers Movie Online
    2007, Action, Sci-Fi, Universal Soldiers Movie Online The U.S. government initiates a program to create genetically modified cybernetic super soldiers, but it goes awry when the test subjects escape from their holding cells. Set on an island in an undisclosed location. A team of Marine grunts is stalked by the genetically and physically superior experimental Universal Soldiers. The Universal Soldier characters, sometimes called ""UNISOL's"" an acronym also used in the completely unrelated Universal Soldier series of films, are restricted and monitored by computerized metal masks that cover the left side of their faces. To act independently, the soldiers must rip the mask off, mutilating their faces. Most wear black jumpsuits with armor on their chests, shoulders and spines and display superhuman abilities. They can move fast enough to not be seen and jump so high and far that they appear to be flying, though they are not capable of true flight. The Marine's try to survive the attacks by the Unisols, as well as each other's conflicting personalities and strategies. Much of the story centers around some characters who try to find an armory and establish a defense while the more scientifically minded characters instead try to find the bunker where their enemy is coming from. The total nature of the Universal Soldiers is never clearly explained and each is apparently slightly more advanced then the previous. At least two of them appear to be reanimated corpses or at least share a resemblance with modern "living dead" character's seen in horror genre movies. They have pasty bluish skin that seems wrinkled and possibly brittle. At least some of them may have a robotic metal endo-skeleton though this only suggested by the appearance of the final, most advanced "Unit", which is a 25 foot tall robotic skeleton.
    740 2,258
    2007,USA, Action, Sci-Fi,
  • Watch The Net 2.0 Movie Online
    Watch The Net 2.0 Movie Online
    2006, Action, Drama, Thriller, The Net 2.0 Movie Online The movie opens with a scene of a young woman running from pursuers in the streets of Istanbul. She is captured and imprisoned, accused of various crimes, and questioned by a doctor. Desperate to save herself, she starts her story in a series of flashbacks. We find out that she is Hope Cassidy (played by Nikki DeLoach), a young computer systems analyst. Looking for excitement in her life, she accepts a well-paying job in Istanbul at Suzer International, where she will begin by securing the internet network of a Russian company. She tries to convince her boyfriend to come with her, but he is reluctant and she breaks off their relationship. While she is talking to him at a café, her laptop crashes and then reloads, a small incident she ignores. While flying alone the next day, she checks her bank account online. A friendly air hostess (Şebnem Dönmez) serves her champagne and gifts her a bracelet. As they talk, we see the money in her accounts drop to zero. When Hope arrives in the city, she finds that her by the immigration officer that she is having a tourist visa and is told to go to the American consulate to renew her passport. Then she meets a taxi driver upon her arrival who takes her to the Sultanahmet Palace Hotel in Istanbul where he says the Americans love to stay. She gets a room and as soon she lies down she hears an alarm and comes out to find they have to stay out for almost an hour. She then meets an American known as Z. Kelly Ross. They take a walk in the park when they come across a seller selling scarfs. When she returns to get her passport she soon discovers the new one issued by the American consulate contains the wrong name. She learns that her identity has been stolen. As she returns to the office, she finds an other Hope Cassidy and finds $40,000,000 in her bank account and that certain people are out to kill her. All people who knew her were found dead. She finds out that the person at the beginning who she met and Dr. Kavak (Demet Akbag) are the people who behind the whole thing and is a Russian arms dealer. She finds out the seller and the air hostess are actually Interpol. She helps capture them and she gets shot, but at last she asks her how she found her but she says that she all along knew where she was. It is shown that the bracelet she gave was a homing beacon sending her position to the Interpol.
    838 2,258
    2006,USA, Action, Drama, Thriller,
  • Watch The Final Programme Movie Online
    Watch The Final Programme Movie Online
    1973, Sci-Fi, Thriller, The Final Programme Movie Online The story opens in Lapland at the funeral pyre of Jerry Cornelius's father, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who has developed the "Final Programme"—a design for a perfect, self-replicating human being. Jerry Cornelius, playboy physicist and dashing secret agent, is in attendance. Afterwards he is questioned by Dr Smiles, who wants to retrieve a microfilm which he knows is in the Cornelius family home in England. Cornelius, a conspicuous counter-culture dandy with addictions to chocolate biscuits and alcohol, threatens to blow up the family house. Flashbacks to Jerry's conversations with Professor Hira about the Kali Yuga inform the narrative, providing a philosophical background of the world in its final days. In various scenes, we learn that the Vatican no longer exists, that Amsterdam has been razed to ash, and we see Trafalgar Square in a post-apocalyptic scenario of wrecked cars piled atop one another. Back in the UK, a group of scientists led by Dr. Smiles and the formidable Miss Brunner (who consumes her lovers) try to persuade Cornelius to locate the microfilm containing his father's Final Programme. Jerry learns from his family servant that his sister Catherine has been imprisoned by his evil, drug-addicted brother, Frank; Frank has Catherine held captive in their family home, and has addicted her to drugs for unspecified reasons. Jerry, whose relationship with Catherine is implied to be incestuous, instructs his servant John to smuggle Catherine to the lodge on the property's grounds; he will "take care of Frank". He consults Major Wrongway Lindbergh, who supplies him with a high-powered jet, and his old friend "Shades" who can supply him with napalm. The attack on the old house commences. The house is protected by a sound system which induces pseudo-epilepsy, but Jerry and the others get inside unharmed. They fight their way past many traps including poison gas and a lethal chessboard. Jerry finds John fatally wounded by Frank. John confesses before dying that Catherine has not been freed and that Frank has returned her to the bedroom. Jerry finds and confronts Frank, and a needlegun fight ensues. In the confusion, Catherine is accidentally killed by Jerry. Jerry is wounded, and Frank falls into the hands of Miss Brunner. She forces him to open the vaults, but he outsmarts her and escapes. After Jerry recuperates from the poison of Frank's needles, he meets with Miss Brunner. She introduces him to her new lover, Jenny. They plot to recapture Frank. Jenny is induced to play piano naked in Jerry's flat, where she is consumed by Miss Brunner. Frank has set up a meeting to sell the microfilm to Baxter (Patrick Magee); Jerry and Miss Brunner track them down. Miss Brunner consumes Baxter. Another fight with Frank ensues, and Frank is killed. Miss Brunner and Jerry return to Lapland by hot-air balloon with the recovered microfilm.
    764 2,258
    1973,UK, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
  • Watch The Omega Man Movie Online
    Watch The Omega Man Movie Online
    1971, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, The Omega Man Movie Online In 1975, biological warfare between China and Russia kills most of the world's population. U.S. Army Col. Robert Neville, M.D. is a scientist based in Los Angeles. As he begins to succumb to the plague himself, he injects himself with an experimental vaccine, rendering himself immune. By 1977, Neville believes he is the plague's only immune survivor. Struggling to maintain his sanity, he spends his days patrolling the deserted city of Los Angeles, hunting and killing members of "The Family", a cult of crazed nocturnal albino mutants caused by the plague. The Family seeks to destroy all technology and kill Neville, who has become a symbol of science causing humanity's downfall. At night, living atop a fortified apartment building equipped with an arsenal of weaponry, Neville is a prisoner in his own home. One day, as Neville is in a department store helping himself to new clothing, he spots a woman who quickly runs away. He pursues her outside but later decides he is hallucinating and dismisses the sighting. On another day, the Family finally captures Neville. After a summary trial he is found guilty of heresy by Jonathan Matthias, a former news anchorman who had voiced an opinion that the plagues were a judgment on humanity; he is now leader of the Family. Neville is sentenced to death and nearly burned at the stake in Dodger Stadium. He is rescued by Lisa, the woman he had earlier dismissed as a hallucination, and Dutch, a former medical student. Lisa and Dutch are part of a group of survivors, some of whom are children. Although their youth has given them some resistance to the disease, they are still vulnerable to it and will eventually succumb to mutation. Neville realizes that even if it is possible to duplicate the original vaccine, it would take years to salvage humanity. However, he believes it may be possible to extend his immunity to others by creating a serum from his own body. Neville, Lisa, and Lisa's teenage brother Richie return to Neville's apartment where they begin treating Richie who is succumbing to the disease. Neville and Lisa are about to have a romantic evening together just as the generator runs out of fuel and the lights go off. The Family then attacks, sending Brother Zachary to climb up the outside of Neville's building to the open balcony of his apartment. Neville leaves Lisa upstairs as he goes to the basement garage to restart the generator. Neville returns to the apartment to find Zachary right behind an unsuspecting Lisa. Neville shoots him and he falls off the balcony to his death, dropping his spear on the balcony as he goes.
    742 2,258
    1971,USA, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
  • Watch Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation Movie Online
    Watch Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation Movie Online
    1992, Comedy, Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation is a 1992 sequel to the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds.In the beginning of the movie a new generation of nerds rule the Adams College campus, upholding the traditions of nerds from the first film. The Alpha Betas are now respectful of the nerds' prominence and even wish they could get more nerds to join their frat. However, this changes when Orrin Price (Morton Downey, Jr.), becomes a member of the Adams College Board of Regents and a new generation of jocks come to campus, including Orrin's obnoxious son and a brain-dead jock named Bobo. Stan Gable is now a pathetic motorcycle police officer whom Orrin Price implausibly installs as the new Dean of Students. Gable and Price rally the ABs to cause trouble for the nerds, whose group now includes an obese English inductee (who is depicted wearing a kilt) and a Korean Elvis impersonator (who notes that he is South Korean, when asked about his accent). Early anti-nerd actions include the vandalizing of the Computer Science Center and a raid that ruins the Tri-Lamb new membership party.
    1068 2,258
    1992,USA, Comedy,
  • Watch Wild Thing Movie Online
    Watch Wild Thing Movie Online
    1987, Action, Drama, Thriller, Wild Thing Movie Online When his parents are killed in a botched drug deal, a young boy is taken in by a bag lady who teaches him about the Blue Coats (Cops) and White Coats (Doctors). After her death he becomes an urban Tarzandefending innocents in a large city. He soon becomes an urban legend and champion of street justice, espousing a 1960s philosophy and coming to the aid of the helpless and oppressed. Jane (Kathleen Quinlan) is the concerned social worker who falls for the hero. Armed with a bow and arrow and makeshift equipment such as a grappling hook made from an old umbrella he and his cat sidekick set out to avenge his parents death when he finds the drug dealer that killed them.
    791 2,258
    1987,Canada,USA, Action, Drama, Thriller,

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